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Farm-to-Fork Festival debuts at Sac State

Sacramento will host its inaugural Farm-to-Fork Festival in the Library Quad on Sept. 14, to celebrate the campus' fresh food and healthy eating tradition by showcasing free cooking demonstrations and other educational activities.
[Photo courtesy of Farm-to-Fork Festival at Sac State]
Sharlene Phou September 12, 2016

Sacramento State will launch its inaugural Farm-to-Fork Festival and Dinner on Sept. 14 to help  increase food-insecurity awareness and educate students on healthy eating habits. Farm-to-fork is a...

Rules for freshmen to survive their first year

Brittney Christ September 3, 2015

If this is your first semester at college, you are probably overwhelmed with the sheer capacity of freshman year. You might be nervous, full of angst, or even just merely excited. However, there are many...

Breakfast burritos for a healthier, non-greasy meal

When you have a hangover, try to steer yourself away from greasy or fatty foods such as burgers, pizza or fried foods. Instead, take the healthier route and try this scrumptious breakfast burrito. Almost all of the ingredients in this breakfast burrito help curb the symptoms of a hangover. 
Cristina Lule May 14, 2013

It’s 3 a.m. You’re rummaging through the fridge, looking for a piece of lasagna your roommate made last week. It’s not the ideal meal you had in mind, but after a long night of drinking, you’re...

Cool down during the hot weather with fresh agua fresca

Cool down the agua fresca with ice, add your favorite fruit and serve.
Anna Puccinelli May 12, 2013

Popular in Mexico, agua fresca is a chilled and a lightly sweetened juice that is refreshing as the summer heat is approaching. I like to make this beverage because buying a juicer can be expensive, I...

Baked Sriracha butternut squash fries spice up snack time

Jane Park April 24, 2013

Whether you are counting calories or looking for something new to try, these baked sriracha butternut squash fries will make you look at regular french fries in a whole different way. I am always looking...

Try a fruit and veggie smoothie to jump start your day

Place your fruit in the blender. Be prepared to refill your blender a few times to fit in all the ingredients.
Cody Powell-McClintick April 18, 2013

Eating raw fruits and vegetables can become boring after chewing on endless amounts of carrots and apples. Mix things up with fruit and vegetable smoothies to add a bit of flavor to the usual healthy meal...

Sac State eateries offer options for students with special diets

Burger King is one of many restaurants on campus which caters to vegetarians. The veggie burger can be ordered standard or in this
Hope Roberts and Cody Powell-McClintick April 18, 2013

It’s easy to put healthy eating habits on the back-burner in a setting as stressful and fast-paced as college. Diets can be challenging to maintain, but many dietary accommodations are met for Sacramento...

Staff pick: Opa! Opa!

Opa! Opa! sells healthy bites such as fresh hummus with pita bread.
Jane Park April 18, 2013

Only minutes away from Sacramento State is a restaurant called Opa! Opa! This restaurant features Greek, Mediterranean and vegetarian-friendly food that’s perfect for anyone on any budget or who wants...

Dining Commons to offer healthier options

The dining commons attempts to promote healthier eating by offering healthier foods like the turkey wrap.
Camille Anglo April 16, 2013

The days of not knowing what healthy foods to eat are long gone with the new training table that will be introduced to the dining commons at Sacramento State in August. Dining services director Steven...

Make these crunchy and guilt-free potato chips

These homemade potato chips are not only full of crunch, but they give you more bang for your buck.
Hope Roberts April 10, 2013

Crisp lettuce, juicy tomato slices and the soft, doughy bread in a sandwich is often accentuated by the crunch of its salty counterpart known as the potato chip. It's hard to deny the lightweight satisfaction...

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