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‘Tis the season: ‘Cuffing season’ has students looking for winter flings

Sharlene Phou November 2, 2016

As the weather grows cold, people are beginning to seek warmth and comfort from another person by participating in a dating phenomenon called “cuffing season.”   Cuffing season typically emerges...

Speed dating with Tinder

Monica Velez February 9, 2015

Has technology made it possible to literally have love at your fingertips? Or are apps just another thing that help an hour break go by faster?Whichever one it is, online dating has become more relevant...

Sexual assault down from 2012

Kellie McCown October 8, 2014

While sexual assault on California colleges and universities has been on the rise, Sacramento State has seen a significant drop in reported sexual assault cases on campus since 2012.The mandated annual...

Dating complexities are kicked up a notch when living with a disability

State Hornet Staff April 29, 2014

People dating with a disability have to deal with all the same self-esteem, body image and sexuality issues as everyone else – just in a different package.Dating, regardless of having a disability, can...

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Go figure, men and women have different views on relationship satisfaction

Jonathan Ayestas April 22, 2014

Kelly Abercrombie talks about her perspective on the dynamics of a male-female relationship: Emotional satisfaction is different for men and women in long-term relationships because women need a...

Dialogue will be hosted to prepare students for multicultural dating

State Hornet Staff February 17, 2014

With a diverse student population at Sacramento State, students have an opportunity to learn about dating others with different cultural, religious and racial backgrounds.Sac State’s Multi-Cultural and...

Throwback Valentine's Day Playlist

Throwback Valentine’s Day Playlist

McClatchy Tribune February 12, 2014

Throwback Valentine’s Day PlaylistArtist: Faith HillSong: “The Way You Love Me”Released: 2000Artist: Lauryn HillSong: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”Released: 1998Artist: SelenaSong: “I Could...

No love in college

Kaitlin Sansenbach September 24, 2013

College is a time of self-discovery and the last chance to be selfish before embarking on a lifelong journey devoted to a career, family, stability and responsibility.Don’t get confused, this isn’t...

Dating on a budget can be fun

Dating on a budget can be fun

Shanel Royal May 1, 2013

The cost of textbooks, tuition and food can drain money from your wallet, making extracurricular activities hard to do. Being in a relationship can especially mean spending more money because you want...

Great, you got the date, now where to take them? Hope Roberts shares her favorite places around Sacramento

Great, you got the date, now where to take them? Hope Roberts shares her favorite places around Sacramento

Hope Roberts February 17, 2013

There is no shortage of incredible places to experience in a city as diverse as Sacramento. With so many awesome places to go to, deciding where to take your special someone on a date can be difficult....

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