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Hmong New Year

Hmong Sacramento State students representing their heritage by wearing Hmong clothing and accessories. There are many different styles of Hmong clothing that people don at Hmong New Year. (Photo courtesy of Phoebe Lee, Angelina Xiong, Adrian Moua, Cyan Vang and George Vang. Graphic made in Canva by Madison Duong.)

See Hmong New Year through the eyes of Hmong students

Madison Duong, Staffer November 6, 2023
Hmong students at Sacramento State reflect back on their memories of Hmong New Year and share how this celebration plays a big role in their identities.
A group of Hmong women dressed in traditional Hmong clothing. Hmong clothing is known for its vibrant colors and embroidered designs that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but are a form of storytelling as well. (Photo courtesy of Yeng Vue.)

Hmong New Year 2023

Madison Duong, Staffer November 3, 2023
The State Hornet has put together a Hmong New Year guide that gives a glimpse of the Hmong culture through the history and importance of the Hmong New Year, Hmong beliefs and Hmong foods.
A Hmong shaman, Chong Her Xiong getting prepared for a healing ceremony in 2018. Hmong superstitions are based on the belief that specific behaviors can influence spirits and shamans serve as intermediaries who communicate with the living and spirit realms to seek help or resolve conflicts in various matters. (Photo courtesy of Sallie Anna Steiner.)

Five Hmong beliefs from a culture rich in storytelling

Madison Duong, Staffer November 2, 2023
Storytelling holds a profound significance in Hmong culture by encompassing not only traditions, history and values but also beliefs.
A Hmong family dressed up in traditional Hmong clothing sharing a meal together. Sharing a meal brings Hmong families together as it symbolizes not only nourishment but the sharing of stories and traditions. (Photo courtesy of Canva)

Savor a slice of Hmong culture on your Thanksgiving table

Madison Duong, Staffer November 2, 2023
Food dishes that people in the Hmong community love to eat
A performer at Sac State’s Hmong New Year celebration playing a Qeej on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. A Qeej is a bamboo pipe instrument used in the Hmong culture, it is known to be played during funerals, weddings, rituals and more.  (Photo courtesy of Project HMONG)

Introducing Hmong New Year and its importance

Madison Duong, Staffer November 2, 2023
Hmong New Year is a celebration where loved ones can enjoy the beauty of Hmong culture.
Multiple looks debut down the fashion show runway in celebration of Hmong New Year on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. Models are dressed head to toe in different ensembles that represent the culture. (Visual made on Canva by Alyssa Branum)

Happy Hmong New Year: A celebration of fashion, culture and community

Elizabeth Meza and Hailey Valdivia November 19, 2022

Helping Mentor Our Next Generation, a program supporting Hmong student success at Sacramento State, hosted a cultural celebration in appreciation of the Hmong New Year at the University Ballroom on Monday,...

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