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SPONSORED: BetterYou digital wellness

Courtesy of BetterYou

It’s Monday night. You have a test tomorrow morning, a paper due Wednesday, a project due Thursday and you need to fit in time for your study group, club, and… what was that last thing? 

Oh, right! Time for yourself. 

There’s a lot to do, and it takes a lot of time and energy to get it all done. Thankfully, there’s a healthy habits companion that can help.

BetterYou is a digital wellness app that helps you achieve your wellness goals without the burden of manual reporting. No opening your phone after every workout to record your lifts. No tapping into an app after every walk. 

Once you’ve set your goals (steps, meditation, socialization, reading, and more), BetterYou automatically keeps track of your progress. Less screen time and some friendly nudges mean more time for the things you want (and need) to get done. 

Just ask Anna Ton, a sophomore and business major at Sacramento State. 

“I try to walk more and sleep sooner whenever I get reminders,” Ton said. “It’s helpful to keep me on track and not lose motivation to complete my goals.” 

Let’s go back to that list of to-dos. With a test, project, paper and socializing on the calendar, getting as much sleep as you can is important to tackling it all with gusto. This is where BetterYou shines. 

In a joint study with Stanford University, students who used BetterYou got 32 more minutes of sleep each night than students who used a different wellness app. Just think of those 32 minutes as that much more fuel in your tank every single day. And sleep isn’t the only thing that increases. 

The students who used BetterYou recorded nearly 1,000 more steps each day than students who used a different wellness app. 

TLDR? BetterYou can’t help you study for that test or write that paper, but it can give you more time and energy to do both. Oh, and did we mention you start earning rewards (like gift cards to your favorite coffee shop) right when you set your first wellness goal and that it’s free for all Sacramento State students? Because you do, and it is. 

“My favorite part about the app is I can receive gift cards when I reach my milestones!” Mina Yang, a Sacramento State senior and health science major, said. “This incentive helps me be consistent with the goals for a better lifestyle.” 

College is hard, but staying healthy doesn’t have to be. Sign up with BetterYou, complete the super-short onboarding, and start getting more sleep, steps, socialization, reading time, meditation and more today.

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