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Five wicked Halloween attractions in and around Sacramento

Ghoulish delight and Halloween fright is the goal this Halloween
Katelyn Marano
Halloween spirit is thriving in the Sacramento area with spooky and scary attractions. Here is a chance to enjoy the best event attractions in town. (Graphic created in Canva by Katelyn Marano)

The excitement of Halloween traditions quickly lose their appeal with age, but there is always the opportunity to re-spark that excitement, with this list of five spooky Sacramento area attractions from Oct. 25-Oct. 31.

Zombies and clowns roam the park of Corbett’s House of Horror. The event is a carnival themed park with games and haunted houses that leave guests immersed in fear. (Photo courtesy of Corbett’s House of Horror)

A haunted carnival called Corbett’s House of Horror in Davis will be one only the most daring souls will see on Oct. 27 and 28.

A carnival full of attractions will give guests of all ages something to enjoy. Park admission goes from 7-11 p.m. with tickets to the park being sold with different package attraction fees like $25 for Horrified and Terrified, $45 for Zombified and $10 for Spookified.

Phillip Kennedy, the owner of Corbett’s House of Horror, embraces the Halloween spirit by creating an all new wicked Halloween experience.

“We have two haunted houses,” Kennedy said. “Our first haunted house is called Carnevil which is a haunted house overrun by clowns, the other one is Medical Mayhem and that one is your worst nightmare with the dentist office or anything to do with medicine.”

Another must see attraction is Zombified, a paintballing halloween experience.

“You sit on the back of a pickup truck with 10 seats,” Kennedy said. “You drive through the corn field at like 20 miles an hour shooting live zombies with paintball guns.”

This experience is like no other due to its fast paced driving and live zombies attacks that give guests an adrenaline racing experience they won’t forget.

Children of all ages are welcome to the park, but there are no refunds and a height limit of 50 inches is required to partake in Zombified.

: The world’s largest corn maze at Dell’ Osso Family Farm is a must see. A pumpkin patch with over eight attractions pays homage to family tradition by showcasing pumpkin cannons, a haunted castle and unique corn maze. (Graphic created in Canva by Katelyn Marano, photo courtesy of Visit Stockton)

Getting lost is all the fun at Dell’Osso Family Farm’s corn maze in Lathrop. The biggest pumpkin patch in the area opens from 12-7 p.m. during the week and 10 a.m. through 7 p.m. on weekends.

An entry ticket price per person of $19.95 Monday through Thursday, $24.95 on Fridays and $28.95 on weekends can be purchased only at the door of the pumpkin patch.

This once small pumpkin patch has been a family tradition since 1997 that combines the thrills of Halloween and fall activities.

Within the pumpkin patch there are over eight attractions such as the Corn Maze, Haunted Castle, Dell’Osso Express Train, Pumpkin Treehouse and much more.

This year’s corn maze design features a witch flying over a house with over 12 opportunities to find dead ends. Each year the pumpkin patch grows and creates unique, one of a kind mazes that leave guests lost in fun for hours.

The pumpkin patch also has its own friendly Haunted Castle with animatronics and flashing lights that will be one everyone will love.

Atrium 916 in Downtown Sacramento is embracing Halloween spirit by hosting crafting events all week long. Guests are encouraged to explore their creative side by making tote bags, wands and more. (Graphic created in Canva by Katelyn Marano, photo courtesy of Atrium 916)

Haunted houses and thrilling jump scares aren’t everyone’s desired Halloween fright, but at Sacramento’s Halloween Art Cafe, creativity is the remedy. 

The nonprofit organization Atrium 916 will be allowing free entry for anyone who wants to explore their creativity by attending Halloween themed nights on Oct. 25-29, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Atrium 916 is located within Old Sacramento right next to the Old Sacramento Waterfront. They welcome walk-ins five days a week and have over 120 local artists that can help guests feel inspired. 

“We are the creative innovation center for sustainability,” artist and volunteer Laurel Marana said. “We have over 120 artists in our shop and we are adding artists to our shop all the time.”

In October, Atrium 916 is hosting special halloween themed events with art choices of air dry clay sculpting, canvas painting, wand making and candy buckets that guests can create while sipping home-made vampire or kombucha tea.

“No skill set is needed walking in,” Marana said. “People surprise themselves by their creativity. Everyone working here is also an artist. So if there’s ever any technical questions or things like that we are here to help.”

The staple of fall activities at Apple Hill is the Madrone Tree Hill, Haunted Forest. During Halloween week Madrone Tree Hill has allowed guests to explore the frights hidden within the spooky forest. (Graphic created in Canva by Katelyn Marano, photo courtesy of Madrone Tree Hill’s Haunted Forest)

This haunted one of a kind forest at Madrone Tree Hill in Camino will be utterly horrific with wicked forest frights on Oct. 27-29.

This well known christmas tree farm, embraces the fun of Halloween and Apple Hill traditions by creating a spooktacular haunted forest, that is open from 12 to 5 p.m.   

“The forest follows a stream bed around the property,” owner of Madrone Tree Hill, Gordon Helm said. “People go over a bridge that has them loop around. It is about the length of a lap around a football field and takes people around 20 minutes to get through.”

Helm wanted to create a Halloween experience that children of all ages can enjoy and afford with an entry fee of $5 for adults and $3 for children 

Guests will be spooked as moving animatronics plague the forest at all ends. Animatronic creatures of vicious werewolves and hung heads, are sure to leave children of all ages terrified. 

The perfect place to experience Halloween is at Madrone Tree Hill’s Haunted Forest in Camino. 

An Actor scaring guests in Heartstoppers Haunted House park, this October season. Hearstoppers in Rancho Cordova features over 70 volunteers who come every weekend to deliver the most thrilling nightmares. (Graphic created in Canva by Katelyn Marano, photo courtesy of Heartstoppers)

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers are sure to be in for a fright at Rancho Cordova’s Heartstoppers Haunted House. 

The park is open every weekend from the end of September to the end of October with general admission tickets starting at $33 and going up to $49 for “Fancy Pants.” The purchase of a “Fancy Pants” ticket will allow guests to reduce their wait times and skip the lines of the haunted houses. 

Four chilling haunted houses featured within Hearstoppers are Deadlands, The Ward, Blightwoods and Misery Mine, each haunt has its own flesh crawling scare zones and over 50% gore rating.

A gore rating warns guests of violent themes that may not be suitable for all audiences and is applied to every haunt in the park.

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Each haunt is based on a theme and has particular nightmarish elements, such as Deadlands being a western themed haunt with undead characters coming to life and with three other haunts to choose from, a night of treats is sure to be expected. 

Those not brave enough to enter are welcome to explore and enjoy the courtyard.

“We have carnival games,” Bearden said. “We have a pre-show for our guests that is about 15 minutes before every time slot. We also have food vendors and craft vendors that are selling handmade items.”

All these aspects as well as live music bring new elements of uncanny horror to the park.

Halloween spirit in Sacramento will be celebrated all week long with scary haunted houses,  haunted forests, carnivals, pumpkin patches and art, making the week of Halloween an unforgettable celebration. 

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