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A playlist everyone will fall for this season

Top Ten Songs You Can Groove To This Fall
Madelaine Church
The fall season is here and now’s the perfect time to add some new music to your playlist! From the timeless classic “Autumn in New York” to modern hits such as “We Fell In Love in October,” this is a playlist everyone can enjoy! (Photo and graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church)

As the leaves fall and the days grow shorter, it’s time to embrace the mellow spirit of fall.

This season, let music be your companion on the journey through the semester and nature’s transformation. From classic rock tunes to jazz compositions, join us on a musical adventure that will make this fall unforgettable.

‘The Great Pumpkin Waltz’ is the theme song in the Charlie Brown special, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.This cartoon is considered to be an annual classic to the season for nearly six decades!(Graphic created in Canva by: Madelaine Church, photo courtesy by Apple TV) (Madelaine Church)

“The Great Pumpkin Waltz” by Vince Guaraldi

This classic jazz song was composed by jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi. It was used as the theme song in the 1966 cartoon “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. It’s proclaimed to be a Halloween favorite by many.

“The Great Pumpkin Waltz” is a delightful instrumental piece. You can’t help but sway gently to the warm melody. It evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort to many who grew up watching the cartoon and reading the comic strip Peanuts.

I highly recommend adding this song to your fall playlist! It is a classic!

The vinyl cover of Donna Summer’s album “Four Seasons of Love” was released in 1976. “Autumn Changes” is the third track in Summer’s album and was co-written by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. (Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church, photo courtesy by Casablanca)
(Madelaine Church)

Autumn Changes” by Donna Summer

In the evocative song “Autumn Changes” by American songstress, Donna Summer, tells a narrative about the dissolution of a romantic relationship. In this upbeat track, Summer draws the parallels between the shifting tides of the love affair and the inexorable transition of the season into autumn.

With Summer’s velvety voice, she delivers a soulful performance that captures the enchanting elements of fall. Many of us are making difficult transitions during this season. If your dating life is making a transition, I recommend playing this song to ease the experience.

October Country’s only album “October Country ” was released in 1968 before the group disbanded. Their song “My Girlfriend Is A Witch” was released on this album and has recently gained traction through trends on social media. (Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church, photo courtesy by Epic Records)
(Madelaine Church)

“My Girlfriend Is A Witch” by October Country

“My Girlfriend Is A Witch” by an American folk band called October Country, explores the idea of a romantic relationship with a supernatural element!

This song is a unique musical gem. It shows the adventurous and experimental spirit many 1960s musicians possessed. Get off your broomstick, and add this song to your playlist!

The cover of Marie Ulven, the artist who is known as Girl in Red, song “We fell in love in October” that was released in 2018. The song “We Fell in Love in October” tells the story of Ulven’s first romantic relationship with a woman in 2015 and she released it three years later.
(Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church and photo courtesy by AWAL) (Madelaine Church)

“We Fell in Love in October” by Girl in Red

Are you falling in love this fall? If so, I hope you find yourself listening to this song by Norwegian indie-rock artist Marie Ulven, who is known as Girl in Red.

“We Fell in Love in October” captures the feelings of a fall romance through the perspective of a sapphic relationship. In 2018, Ulven told the Fader this song was about her first queer romance. This song is held dearly by many people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Allow yourself to be enveloped by the Ulven’s intimate vocals. Many of us resonate with the enchantment of falling in love during this season; whether it’s your first or last.

Alice Phoebe Lou’s cover of her single “Witches” was released in 2020. This song has over 23 million streams on Spotify.
(Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church and photo courtesy by Alice Phoebe Lou) (Madelaine Church)

“Witches” by Alice Phoebe Lou

In 2020, Alice Phoebe Lou released this indie pop song entitled “Witches”. In this song, the protagonist sings about how their partner makes them feel alive and free, while conveying the themes of self-empowerment and internal strength. In the chorus Lou refers to herself as a witch and how she doesn’t need to be saved.

Lou’s voice and the song’s gentle melody creates a dreamlike atmosphere. This is a great song to listen to when life gets overwhelming or if you need the reassurance of self independence or maybe you just need a confidence booster.

The vinyl cover of Dusty Springfield’s single “Spooky” was released in 1970. As one of Springfield’s popular songs, “Spooky” has over 130 million streams on Spotify.
(Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church and photo courtesy by (Madelaine Church)

“Spooky” by Dusty Springfield

Any fan of spooky season will fall for this jazz song by Dusty Springfield. “Spooky” was released in 1970 and is a hidden musical gem. The song delivers a groovy rocky tune with a slow paced rhythm, that makes it perfect to listen to anyone lounging or studying.

Springfield tells a playful tale of a woman’s love interest and how she struggles to confess her feelings. The haunting melody has the ability to evoke listeners to long for a mysterious love affair. For anyone who is experiencing the complexities of romantic relationships, I recommend this song.

Powerhouse jazz singers Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong collaborate on the album “Ella and Louis Again” which was released in 1957. This album includes songs such as “Autumn in New York”, “Love Is Here To Stay” and “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off.”
(Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church and photo courtesy by Verve) (Madelaine Church)

“Autumn in New York” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

“Autumn in New York” by jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and jazz musician Louis Armstrong is considered a musical masterpiece. This song was released in 1934 still captures the crisp romantic fall season in the bustling New York City today.

Fitzgerald’s elegant vocals along with Armstrong’s gravely and raspy voice transports listeners to the rich timeless allure of experiencing New York City during autumn. Armstrong’s signature trumpet adds another level of magic to the song.

Get lost in this beautiful melody by the iconic duet this fall and add this song to your playlist.

Dinah Washington’s album “September In The Rain” was released in 1960. Her song “September In The Rain ” influenced the title of the album. (Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church and photo courtesy by Mercury Records) ( Madelaine Church)

“September In The Rain” by Dinah Washington

In 1960, jazz musician Dinah Washington released “September in the Rain” which is a journey through the bittersweet embrace of changing seasons. It evokes a sense of reflection because the singer reminisces about the joy and sorrows of a past lover.

The jazz ensemble envelops the listener in a warm romantic atmosphere. Washington’s ability to sing conveys complex emotions while enchanting us on a musical adventure that captures autumn’s beauty.

I recommend wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and listening to this song while watching the rain fall.

Earth, Wind & Fire’s album, “The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire. Vol .1” introduces the group’s top disco hits. Their song “September” was originally released as a single the same year as the album in 1978. (Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church and photo courtesy by ARC/Columbia) (Madelaine Church)

“September” by Earth Wind & Fire

It’s time to get groovy and boogie down Hornets! Released in 1978, this classic funk track is characterized with its upbeat temp with an irresistible groove. “September” is an iconic and infectious song that transports listeners to a carefree, joyful atmosphere.

This song has become a timeless reminder of the joy that music can evoke which many will cherish for generations. If you haven’t already, add this song to your playlist.

The vinyl cover of Nat King Cole’s posthumously released 1991 album “The Complete Capitol Recordings of the Nat King Cole Trio.” Songs such as “Moonlight in Vermont”, “Body and Soul” and “Poor Butterfly ” are on this album. (Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church and photo courtesy by Capitol Records (Madelaine Church)

“‘Tis Autumn” by Nat King Cole Trio

Now that it’s officially fall, it is time to celebrate and embrace the season! Jazz musician Nat King Cole and his band Nat King Cole Trio created this timeless classic any generation can enjoy. Cole transports listeners to a world where autumn’s enchantment is in full bloom.

The jazz ensemble in “‘Tis Autumn” reflects the season’s elegance and grace. You can visualize the leaves falling and swaying in the cool crisp breeze. For those reasons the song will remain a reminder of autumn’s melancholic charm.

That’s a wrap! Final thoughts….

Fall is a time for change, Hornets. We are constantly changing in life. At times we need to let go in order to make room for the new in our lives. Grab your favorite cozy sweater and headphones, take a walk and rake in the magic of autumn. With these songs in your playlist, you will bond to an experience of the true essence of fall, one note at a time.

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