Nicki and Lil Baby heat check, the problem with Dreamville and more (Ft. Prince Washington): KEYS ‘N D MINOR


Mercy Sosa

Graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa

Keyshawn Davis and Nijzel Dotson

On the second episode of Keys ‘n D Minor, deputy podcast editor Nijzel Dotson and diversity, equity and inclusion editor Keyshawn Davis talk with Sacramento State defensive back Prince Washington about how his environment growing up and career as an athlete has impacted his musical career. 

The co-hosts also discuss recent singles from Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby, explain the issues with J Cole’s label, Dreamville, and speculate what artists might be dropping albums this year.

Music (In order of appearance):

She’s Gone by Free Hip Hop Beats

Bussin ft. Lil Baby by Nicki Minaj 

Johnny P’s Caddy ft. J Cole by Benny the Butcher  

Philophobia by Prince4BP

Make a Play ft. DB. Boutabag by Prince4BP