SFA officers commemorate female fashion icons for Women’s History Month

They thank businesswomen, social media influencers and family members.


Kayla Le’Vias says she is inspired by singer and businesswoman Rihanna and that Rihanna has helped her gain confidence in anything she chooses to wear. Photo courtesy of Kayla Le’Vias.

Angela Rodriguez

In honor of Women’s History Month, officers of the Student Fashion Association, a non-profit, on-campus organization at Sac State, came together to pay tribute to their female fashion icons. 

SFA officers, content creator Mesayla Weaver, social media officer Te’a Lynch, parliamentarian Kayla Le’Vias and President Terezah Scott, are a group of fashion-obsessed Sacramento State students, who have been inspired by women in fashion. Together, they shared words of advice to aid others at Sac State with all that they have learned from their idols.

Their idols have taught them to explore the world of fashion, find their own unique styles and be confident in whatever they choose to wear, and as a group they advise other students to do the same.

Weaver said her sister Tiana Weaver, a business major at Sac State, is her female fashion icon and aided her in her journey with fashion. 

Mesayla (left) says her female fashion icon is her sister Tiana (right). Tiana helps Mesayla put outfits together and assists her in keeping up with the trends. Photo courtesy of Mesayla Weaver.

“My sister has helped me develop an entirely new wardrobe and I couldn’t be happier with it,” Weaver said. “Until I collaborated with my sister, I never knew how to create cohesive looks.”

Weaver said she first became interested in fashion her freshman year. She ventured into the world of fashion with a fifty dollar gift card given to her by her uncle.

“For the first two years, I was still in an awkward phase where I picked good pieces, but didn’t know how to pair them,” explained Weaver.

However, she said that when she saw herself about to head out in a bustier, booties and jeggings, she knew she had to seek out her sister’s assistance.

“The style we were aiming for was very chic, business casual,” Tiana Weaver said about aiding her sister. “She had a vision and photo references [which] made it easier.”

Mesayla Weaver is a communications major at Sac State. She said she hopes that being fashionable will make her more memorable when meeting new people in her career field.

After she enlisted the help of her sister, Weaver’s style became one that can be considered trendy and business woman chic. She said the revamp of her closet has also affected her self-esteem for the better.

“Loving the way you look can help you to start everyday with a positive attitude and I wish I had gotten into that habit sooner,” Weaver said about her learning experience with fashion.

Te’a Lynch said she finds inspiration from internet celebrity De’arra Taylor.

“My fashion icon is someone who is up and coming in the new generation, De’arra Taylor’s style is very over the top, yet classy and cohesive,” Lynch said. “This describes my style as well as my personality.”

Te’a Lynch says she is inspired by internet celebrity De’arra Taylor and that Taylor taught Lynch to express herself through clothing and let her clothes do the talking. Photo courtesy of Te’a Lynch.

Lynch said that fashion allows everyone to express themselves and showcase who they really are without you even having to say a word.

“There is nothing greater than being able to express yourself without worrying about what others say,” Lynch said. “I hope I can inspire as many women as possible to get to that point someday.”

Scott and Le’Vias both said their female fashion idol is singer and businesswoman Rihanna.

“Her style has no limit and she isn’t afraid to explore,” Scott said. “You won’t see Rihanna following the trend, because she is the one setting the trends.”

Scott said she finds a representation of herself through Rihanna, because they both explore outside of the box and add to their looks with unorthodox accessories, colors, fabrics and patterns. Scott said she believes that everyone should experiment with their looks and stay true to who they truly are.

Terezah Scott says her fashion idol is Rihanna. Scott said she isn’t afraid to experiment with textures, colors and fabrics. Photo courtesy of Terezah Scott.

“It’s great to follow trends, but it’s even better to be the trendsetter,” Scott said. “We all have our own unique style. You just have to find what works for you.”

Le’Vias said she is inspired by Rihanna because of her confidence in her fashion.

“That’s what inspires me really,” Le’Vias said. “I kind of just wear whatever I want and what I’m comfortable in. I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence doing that.”

Le’Vias said she enjoys dressing up for every occasion, even if it’s just a quick trip to Walmart in order to feel confident.

“My advice to others would be to start by picking out staple pieces from a trend or aesthetic they find interesting,” Le’Vias said. “For example, if you enjoy the streetwear vibe, start with some boyfriend jeans and build your way up.”

Kayla Le’Vias says to explore aesthetics to find what works for you and to start by picking out staple pieces that will help you create multiple cohesive looks.

The fashion-obsessed women of the Student Fashion Association credit businesswomen, family and social media influencers for what they have learned in the world of fashion. They share what they have learned with everyone else at Sac State, who might be struggling with fashion themselves.

“Fashion is a huge confidence builder,” Weaver said. “Once you start taking your appearance seriously, you immediately feel more comfortable with yourself and your identity.”