#SacStateSays: ‘What are your Halloween costume plans?’

Savannah Solley

“What are you being for Halloween?” is the question currently buzzing around Sac State.

The State Hornet asked a costume specialist from HalloweenCostumes.com, Wyatt Edwards, what the “it” thing to be this year is. 

Right now we’re projecting Captain Marvel to be the top costume of 2019,” Edwards said.  “Her Marvel Cinematic Universe solo movie broke plenty of box office records and the character has broad appeal among women and girls. Captain Marvel is empowering, plus she’s got cool superpowers and really great costume design.” 

According to Edwards, popular costumes are usually inspired by what is interesting in media, such as new movies, TV series and video games. 

“DIY, home-made meme, joke and celebrity costumes are also popular with anyone in their teens and twenties,” Edwards said.

At Sac State, student ideas for costumes tended to agree with the trends observed by Edwards. Movies such as “The Joker” and “Baywatch” have been popular movies for costume inspiration on campus.

Watch the video above for more on Sac State student Halloween costume plans.