5 ways to de-stress before finals

Finals are important, but your mental health should come first

Finals are coming fast and it’s probably safe to say that just about everyone is stressed out. Exams, papers, presentations and projects are just a few of the many factors that continue to make us want to rip out our hair during finals week. So, before your stress levels go through the roof, here are five ways to enjoy life and combat those finals fears at the same time.

Take a free fitness class at the WELL

Alexis Roberts – The State Hornet
The WELL offers several programs to aimed at improving the lives of students, including free fitness and yoga classes, medical and counseling services, and access to hygiene products and services.

Did you know that The WELL offers 40 different types of fitness classes, most of which are now free for students? These classes include yoga, boot camp and cycling. Whether you want to hit the weights hard or just have a relaxing morning stretch, fitness classes at The WELL are the way to go.

Form a study group

Storm Ray – The State Hornet
Sac State students Jessica Spicer, Gina Lee, Karla Alvarez and Marissa Ramirez gather together in the library for a group study.

Finals can be a big stressor for many college students, but you don’t have to stress alone. Forming a study group can help ease your mind during the time of finals. There’s a pretty good chance that your classmates are going through some of the same class struggles as you, and studying together can be a big help.  

Take a walk by the American River

Alexis Roberts – The State Hornet

Sacramento State is located right next to the river, so why not check it out? The American River Bike Trail has beautiful scenery, especially near the Guy West Bridge. Whether you need somewhere to think of a solution to a problem, a place to spark new ideas, or a simple getaway — the American River Bike Trail is the place to be. Put on your active clothes, plug in your headphones, and just walk. Make sure to stay off of social media, and don’t respond to any text messages for at least 10 minutes of your walk. Let your mind unwind, and think about things that require minimal concentration. Take the time to reflect on your personal wants and needs.

Realize that the work you put in now will all be worth it in the end. Talk kindly to yourself, remind yourself that you can do this. It’s truly amazing what some fresh air can do for you!

Kick back in the Terminal Lounge

Alexis Roberts – The State Hornet
The Terminal Lounge at Sacramento State is located on the second floor of the University Union, and it is a perfect sanctuary to escape the hussle and bussle of the day. The Terminal Lounge is also a comfortable place to nap, watch a movie, and recharge.

Looking for somewhere to kick back and relax on campus? Look no further than the University Union’s own Terminal Lounge. Exclusive to Sac State students, the Terminal Lounge is a great place to take a break and chill before a hectic week of finals. Located on the second floor of the University Union, this laid-back lounge spot has it all. With video games, private listening rooms, board games, and more, this is one of the best resting spots on campus. You can even check out a karaoke machine.

Take a break from the stress of finals and rest up in Sac State’s Terminal Lounge — just don’t forget your OneCard.

Watch a movie


Avoidance isn’t the best way to cope with finals, but everything in moderation, right? Whether you’re in the mood for something scary, funny or just anything with Ryan Gosling — it’s essential to take some time to forget about the hussle and bussle of school. Turn your phone off and focus on the movie, the plot, and the characters. Get lost in their lives instead of worrying so much about your own. Go to the grocery store, pick up a flavor of ice cream that you’ve never tried before, and eat it out of the carton. It’s OK, it can be our little secret. After all — sometimes you gotta treat yo’ self!