7 Vegetarian friendly restaurants at Sac State

Vegetarian students get creative dining on campus

Sami Soto – The State Hornet
Senior Harsharan Dhaliwal eats his meal from Gyro 2 Go, located in the River Front Center. Vegetarians can enjoy falafel platters and wraps from Gyro 2 Go.

Living as a vegetarian can pose as a challenge, especially for students who spend hours on campus. Eateries at Sacramento State do offer choices for those living a vegetarian diet, although some menu options are not well known to students.

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Here is a breakdown of some of the top herbivore-friendly bites around campus.

Gordito Burrito

Will Moon – The State Hornet
A hanging parrot fixture serves to greet customers behind the cash register at Gordito Burrito. The University Union’s sole Mexican joint has a vegan burrito on its menu, and a vegan tostada can be made upon request.

Vegetarians and vegans have a wide selection at this eatery located in the University Union.

The garden veggie burrito is vegan, as well as the rice and beans. Vegan tostadas are not on the menu, but can be made upon request.

Hiraku Sushi

Sami Soto – The State Hornet
Hiraku Shushi, located inside the River Front Center, offers options for those who eat fish and even vegans.

A good place to eat if you are a pescatarian — meaning you eat fish. Non-fish eating vegetarians and vegans have options including avocado rolls, spring rolls and edamame.

Gyro 2 Go

Sami Soto – The State Hornet
Enjoy a vegetarian falafel from Gyro 2 Go, located inside the River Front Center. Without the sauce, the falafel is vegan friendly.

If you are looking for a filling lunch, look no further than Gyro 2 Go. Falafels, which are typically made with ground chickpeas and fava beans, are both vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Order the falafel in a wrap or on a platter. For vegans, be sure to order your falafel without the white sauce.

Mother India Express

Will Moon – The State Hornet
Mother India Express serves up both vegetarian and meat options, many of which come with a hearty dose of spice.

Cuisine from India is known to be some of the most vegan-friendly food in the world and Mother India Express serves them with a spicy twist. Order a bowl that can be loaded with veggies, potato curry, rice and lentils. And do not leave without getting a side of samosas and garlic naan.

Good Eats

Will Moon – The State Hornet
A server prepares a salad at Good Eats on Nov. 8, 2017. The campus eatery offers a short selection of salads, or patrons can customize their own combination of vegetables.

Salads from Good Eats have never been so exciting. Build your own salads with a variety of veggies.

Saigon Bay Express

Emily Rabasto – The State Hornet
Saigon Bay Express offers soups, sandwiches and other snacks with vegetarian choices. The pho rice noodle soup is among options for those foregoing meat.

The pho rice noodle soup with tofu serves as a nice option for non-meat eaters. Be sure to request it with vegetable broth if you abstain from eating fish. Saigon Bay Express also sells spring rolls with either tofu or shrimp.

Courtyard Market

Claire Morgan – The State Hornet
The Courtyard Market is a lesser-known sandwich spot on campus where vegetarians can order lunch with various vegetables, spreads, cheeses, chips and drinks.

Located next to the Residence Halls, the Courtyard Market’s sandwiches are one of the best kept secrets on campus. Made to order — vegetarians can have their selection of bread, veggies, spreads and cheeses. Conveniently grab a drink and a bag of chips before heading to the register.