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Some call for Sac State to cancel banquet honoring Sacramento Chief of Police

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Some call for Sac State to cancel banquet honoring Sacramento Chief of Police

Screenshot from Twitter

Screenshot from Twitter

Screenshot from Twitter

Thomas Frey, News editor

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Some social media users are calling for an upcoming awards banquet honoring Sacramento Chief of Police Daniel Hahn to be canceled until the officers responsible for the shooting death of 22-year-old Stephon Clark are terminated.

Oscar Martinez, who graduated from Sac State in 2015, wrote a tweet and said that he wants the event to be cancelled not just until the officers are terminated, but until mandatory training takes place.

“We the people of Sacramento and also Sacramento State alumni are calling for Sac State to cancel their event to honor Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn until the officers responsible for the murder of Stephon Clark are terminated.

“The Sacramento Police Department (needs to implement) mandatory training courses for all of its officers and other personnel on the impact of race in our society over the course of history, the role law enforcement has played in enforcing race based policy, and the relations between people that are black and law enforcement as a result.”

The Sacramento Police Department has been under fire since Clark’s death on March 18, as protesters took to the streets of downtown Sacramento Thursday and Friday, at times shutting down Interstate 5 and blocking access to the Golden 1 Center.

The Sac State College of Business Administration is planning to honor Hahn as its “Alumnus of the Year” at a banquet on May 9 in the University Union Ballroom.

The State Hornet will update this story as more information becomes available.

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7 Responses to “Some call for Sac State to cancel banquet honoring Sacramento Chief of Police”

  1. Jay shepherd on March 25th, 2018 1:47 pm

    Protests are only occurring because people feel safe to protest because police protect them. But from what I see it is normal people who are in danger from the thug protesters. Having this event for police chief has nothing to do with the tragic, but predictable, death of the young man. And color has nothing to do with this shooting. And the officers will not be fired nor prosecuted. Nor should they. It is easy to sit back after the event and say he didn’t have a weapon. But look at other videos and see how quickly a suspect can shoot an officer before the officer can respond. This is not a culture of racism or unprovoked in the sac PD. Mistakes made don’t equal or prove bias. Be rational and peaceful in response to this isolated incident

  2. Lindsey on March 25th, 2018 5:49 pm

    While I agree that the death of Stephon Clark has greatly impacted the Sacramento community, and that the officers involved are at fault and should be punished, Chief Hahn is a dedicated CSU Alumni who I believe is in the best position to have a positive impact on the CSU and Sacramento communities, as well as to implement change in the police force. While I understand the frustration of students wanting immediate justice (I am one), Chief Hahn is following protocol, and I think as an alumni community we should rally behind him to create positive change to prevent social injustices, as well as celebrate the diversity that IS in the current police force.

  3. Destiny on March 25th, 2018 11:31 pm

    How dare you white people honor this man in the middle of this bullshit y’all start … You all are sworn in to protect and serve …. You all are officers not judges nor god ! Stephon say his name ,trayvon say his name Sandra say her name and EMMIT TILL SAY HIS NANE AMERIKKK

  4. Angela on March 26th, 2018 10:04 am

    What do you mean “predictable death” Jay Shepard?! What did he do for you to pick those words?
    I won’t say it, don’t have to.
    You know what you meant and so do I and any other person who hasn’t lived under a rock.
    It’s about making officers accountable, and this is one way for people to be heard and taken seriously!
    This has happened to many times!
    White men shoot up schools, places of worship and they are brought in unharmed, unless they off themselves! Even terrorist make it to jail alive! Damn!
    I don’t understand what’s so hard to see facts straight in your face!

  5. Aaron R on March 26th, 2018 10:29 am

    Here is my complete original post. We’re not simply calling for the 2 cops to be fired from the Sac PD. That is simply putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. We want mandatory race relations training implemented immediately for the entire department. Here is my post:

    ATTN: We the people of Sacramento and Sacramento State Alumni are calling for Sac State to cancel their event to honor Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn until the officers responsible for the murder of Stephon Clark are terminated from the Sacramento Police Department AND the Sacramento Police Department implements mandatory training courses for all of it’s officers and other personnel on Race: The impact of Race in our society over the course of our history, the Role Law Enforcement has played in Enforcing Race Based Policy, and the Relations between People that are Black and Police as a result.

  6. Shanika D. on March 27th, 2018 10:21 pm

    No event should be canceled because a criminal decided to break the law, and have unfortunate consequences. And before someone goes spewing off at the mouth, I’m black, and a criminal justice alumni. The city council was more than generous, as well as the chief today in letting everyone speak and answer questions during the conference and how were they treated? Disrespectfully, and spit at. I’m sick of the race divide and BLM blaming everyone but themselves. This issue is not one sided. It’s not just law enforcement who need some accountability. People need to learn to stop committing crimes and become law abiding citizens, and quit blaming society for their consequences. If he wasn’t out committing crimes, he would not have had the cops called. Period! So, no Sac State should not alter any plans for anyone. Police, Firemen, Emts/Paramedics risk their lives for us daily and deserve recognition.

  7. Aaron R on March 28th, 2018 10:01 am

    Shanika… White guy here…if you’re really a criminal justice major then you would know that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Stephon Clark didnt get that chance. Ask yourself why a white man that is shooting up a school can be taken into custody without being shot but a young black man, a father, gets shot once when he is merely a suspect. We dont have any proof that Stephon committed any crime that night and we never will. You cant assume he was just because he has a past (one of which he did his time for and owned up to).

    I know you havent taken police training but if you had, or at least did a bit of research, you would know that when a cop has an entire house between him and the man he assumes has a flat white gun that it is mandatory to yell at who you are (ie. Sac PD!) then to say “Drop your weapon and put your hands up or lie on the ground. You dont run into a backyard, get a split second view of someone who may or may not be the man you want and yell “Gun Gun” and unload 20 rounds. Just typing that has me in shock that that is how it went down.

    The fact of the matter is, cops see a black guy and automatically assume he has a gun. It doesnt necessarily mean he is racist. It means that police do not have any type of training on race relations and that is a huge problem when you’re a white cop and having to work in communities that are primarily black and/or latin.

    Chief Hahn made a small step in the right direction appointing the AG because our DA Schubert is old, tired and racist and its time for her to get voted out!

    The Chief and Sacramento Police Department has to implement mandatory training courses for all of it’s officers and other personnel on race relations. He made a promise when he became Chief to change this “shoot first” mentity but he has not.

    If Sac State wants to honor him, then he HAS to have done something honorable. He has not yet. Not saying he wont but hes got long road ahead.

    We’re also NOT calling for the entire event to be cancelled. We’re simply calling for Hahn not to be honored until the termination of the cops that murdered Stephon Clark and not until he implements training throughout his department. Sac PD has murdered far too many minorities. We dont need another one taken senslessly.

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