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Ethnic study courses inspire students to open their minds

Ethnic study courses inspire students to open their minds
McClatchy Tribune May 14, 2014

In a state where Latinos make up the majority, one would think California’s educational system would reflect that. According to the California Department of Education, Latinos in 2012/2013 made up 52.7...

Simple hangover cures for spring break

Simple hangover cures for spring break
McClatchy Tribune March 23, 2014

With spring break just around the corner, and the prospect of not having any school responsibilities or homework for one measly week being as good a reason as any to do some boozing, don’t let a hangover...

Terry McMillian shares stories and inspiration

Terry McMillian shares stories and inspiration
McClatchy Tribune February 9, 2014

“Happy Black History Month, even though I’m black all year long.”And with that, noted author Terry McMillan set the tone for a night full of laughter, wisdom, and insight.On February 6th, the New...

Double Coverage- Pole dancing: An Olympic sport?

stripper1:The World Pole Sport Federation is working on getting its sport into the Olympics so that the athletes can be recognized. :Photos courtesy of McClatchy Tribune
Marice Cohn Band March 1, 2011

Fervent gyrating with the music, toned bodies flexing with each movement and glistening, slick with sweat, the sweet smell of crisp dollar bills sticky against naked skin &- sound like a typical Friday...

Norah Jones shines with a little help from her friends

Norah Jones album review 1:Norah Jones, winner for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Calif., on February 13, 2005.:McClatchy Tribune
Leia Ostermann November 29, 2010

Norah Jones is someone my mom likes. Telling people your mom likes something instantly puts it into a category that you are unwilling to talk about, whether praising or insulting. Norah Jones' new album...

Obama closes 2005 loophole in Title IX

Title IX volleyball:The Obama administration is attempting to close a loophole in Title IX, which is designed to provide equal funding for NCAA men?s and women?s sports.:File Photo
Miriam Arghandiwal April 27, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden announced April 20 the Obama administration would overturn the 2005 revised interpretation to Title IX federal law, which was said to provide a loophole in the law. Title IX reads...

Campus-wide forum to address Haiti earthquake

haiti:On the first day of a three-day national mourning period, some Haitians went to the National Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to pray and fast. :McClatchy Tribune
Timothy Sandoval February 20, 2010

A few days after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez sent out a message to the entire campus calling on it to do whatever it can to help the people...

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