Simple hangover cures for spring break


Simple hangover cures for spring break

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With spring break just around the corner, and the prospect of not having any school responsibilities or homework for one measly week being as good a reason as any to do some boozing, don’t let a hangover ruin even one of those mornings. Everyone knows the basics; don’t mix alcohols and drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated. But let’s say you throw caution to the wind and drink till you forget these suggestions, these tips are for you.

The key to a great hangover cure is simplicity. Do you really want to make a smoothie with a bunch of ingredients that require cleaning and possible peeling? When you have a top-level hangover you are damn near bedridden. Your body has been through a lot and is demanding sleep for repairs. So brevity and simplicity is key when constructing a hangover remedy. And it doesn’t hurt to think ahead and have a few bottles of Gatorade by the bedside and some cans of soup in the kitchen for quick sustenance.


In the morning try eating a banana. It replaces lost electrolytes but also specifically replenishes the potassium alcohol stole from your body with its diuretic effect. Chop one up and throw it in some cereal and hop back into bed. Sleep is still your best weapon against the hangover. A banana and a Gatorade is the breakfast of champions.


This pantry staple is another possible lifesaver. Spread a healthy layer on some toast to restock your body’s supply of potassium, sodium and fructose as well as getting a rich dose of antioxidants. Cut up some banana slices on the toast and get the double whammy. Remember, as much as you don’t want to eat, your body needs food.

Pickle Juice

Pickle juice is a great way to replenish your body’s sodium levels, if your hungover stomach can take it. Full of salt, antioxidants and minerals, this juice assists your body in rehydration and to replenish sodium levels. If you can’t take the taste of the pickle juice, chase it with a glass of water or Gatorade. Try taking a shot of this before drinking for preventative purposes. Pickle juice also makes an amazing chaser for Jameson shots.


This one has no scientific evidence backing up its effectiveness, but who doesn’t feel better after a sweaty romp the morning after a night of heavy boozing? Sex does cause you to release oxytocin, which increases your body’s threshold for pain, so it doesn’t cure you so much as mask the pain. But your body needs the exercise, as well as the reassurance that you can still function as a human. Have some sex then get back to sleep.


In the end, your body will best repair itself with quality sleep. Try taking a hot shower and brushing your teeth to get all traces of the previous night’s indiscretions scrubbed off of your body, then get back into bed and cut some Zs. The more of the hangover tips you try, the better you’ll feel.

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