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Students explore politics and voting at Sac State’s Fall Ethics Symposium

Sarah Hines

November 4, 2014

Professors and university students explored the intersection of politics and ethics Monday at the ninth annual Fall Ethics Symposium.The symposium, organized by Cosumnes River College and Sacramento State’s Center for Practical and Professional Ethics featured four speakers: Jason Brennan, an assistant...

ASI is lacking when it comes to student communication

State Hornet Staff

April 29, 2014

There is a lack of communication on campus as to the importance of Associated Student Inc. at Sacramento State. Although the ASI mission statement says, “Associated Students, Inc. serves as the official governing body of the Sacramento State students and through operation and sponsorship of program...

Voter abstinence illustration


April 29, 2014

300 dpi Dean Hollingsworth color illustration of two voters: one casts paper vote into ballot box, the other has arms folded and back turned to the voting process. The Dallas Morning News 2008abstinence illustration not ballot box turnout undecided registration registered voting count ignore ignoring democracy ...

ASI elections met with mixed feelings

Erika Bradley

April 23, 2014

The ASI election has caused controversy amongst election participants and student voters as most candidates have run unopposed and promotion for the election was less than the previous year.ASI Marketing Associate Amy McVay said it is not surprising that candidates are unopposed and that Spring Break plays a big p...

Students respond to ASI elections

State Hornet Staff

April 22, 2014

Sacramento State students began voting for Associated Student representatives Tuesday at 8 a.m.Child development major Julz Sumodublla, a junior, said that this year’s candidates were more vocal about their campaign but only publicized to certain groups on campus.“This year has a lot more publicity...

ASI election candidates remain mostly unopposed

State Hornet Staff

April 2, 2014

With student elections around the corner, Sacramento State’s Associated Students Inc. Board of Directors is preparing for its final month in office by encouraging more student involvement.Candidates were announced March 19 and it was revealed most positions will be unopposed.Despite the lack of peop...

Student organizations represent interests across Cal State

Matthew Urner

October 16, 2013

Sacramento State student and California State Student Association President Sarah Couch is familiar with the various levels of student representation.Couch was active in Associated Students Inc. for five years, worked her way up to CSSA Chief of Staff and now represents the 430,000 students spread a...

ASI bribes students to increase voter turnout

ASI bribes students to increase voter turnout

State Hornet Staff

May 1, 2013

When it comes to electing members of student government, at first glance, the process seems fairly straightforward - candidates apply to ASI and, once approved, campaign for students' votes. However, there's one element of the election process that is not so obvious, even though can be quite important: the ...

EDITORIAL: Know reasons to vote

State Hornet Staff

October 23, 2012

With all the hubbub of Romnesia and pundits climbing over themselves to assert which lackluster debater “won” the evening debate, it’s easy to forget about our own elections here in California. This election is an important one – not just for Proposition 30, but for three reasons. In the 2008 Novemb...