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Campus police stop bike theft in progress

Campus police stop bike theft in progress

Monica Dattage

April 7, 2016

Sacramento State campus police arrested a man on Wednesday, April 6 after a witness reported he was attempting to steal a bicycle near The Well. At approximately 1:21 p.m. police received information of an individual, identified by police as Joel Seps, attempting to cut a bike lock. When officers made c...

Thieves get quick cash from metal theft of stolen catalytic converters

Thieves get quick cash from metal theft of stolen catalytic converters

Fabian Garcia

April 9, 2013

They may not be glittering in diamonds, but platinum-lined catalytic converters – known as “cats” on the street – have become a hot commodity for thieves and buyers running the black market for their precious metals inside. The Sacramento State Police Media Log has reports of two catalytic convert...

Bicycle bandits keep bagging up bikes

Police Cheif Mark M. Iwasa says that many students who have their bicycles stolen use locks that are not efficient enough to keep theifs from stealing them on Mar. 5, 2013.

Imran Majid

March 12, 2013

They can be seen of all designs and colors, zipping in and out of the small gaps in between hordes of students clustered together. Others ride more slowly, carefully avoiding students on their way to class. Bikes are a common sighting at Sacramento State, but many are stolen each year. Of the 40 report...

Sac State siren report

State Hornet Staff

February 6, 2013

Feb. 4•  The Sac State police were called to Yosemite Hall after a car accident was reported. Nobody was injured and the officer took a report.•  A woman had her car damaged in parking structure I. Nothing was taken and no injuries occurred. • Sac State police were alerted to parking stru...

Sacramento State police arrest two men on suspicion of theft

Alexandra Poggione

October 2, 2012

Around 7:40 a.m., three Sacramento State police officers took two men into custody on suspicion of bicycle theft. The men allegedly attempted to steal two bicycles from the racks in front of the Hornet Bookstore. One of the bicycles was a blue Trek and the other was an orange Mongoose. Both men were wear...

Parking permits an unusual target for car burglaries

Parking permits an unusual target for car burglaries

Alex Slavas

March 5, 2012

Sacramento State has encountered three incidents of parking permit theft since the 2011 academic year began. Scott Christian, Sac State police spokesman, said vehicle type and parking placement play a role in the prevention of theft. “In most cases, when a permit theft is reported, it can be attribu...

Bicycles not a concern for students despite high theft rates

Bicycles not a concern for students despite high theft rates

Alyssa Sanguinetti

February 2, 2012

Bicycle thefts are a common occurrence at Sacramento State's campus, with more than 43 reported thefts for the fall 2011 semester, according to the campus police media log. Many students and Sacramento residents who leave their bikes on campus are unaware of the number of bike thefts that repeatedly happ...

Laptop theft cases increase

State Hornet Staff

October 12, 2011

Laptops are typically expensive, important and a perfect item for thieves to steal from students at Sacramento State. In the past year, 20 laptops have been reported stolen from students on campus.Laptops are a common purchase for new, incoming freshman each year, who are perhaps unaware of how commo...

Catalytic converter thefts on campus

Russell Preston

September 20, 2011

University Police on Tuesday reported a growing trend of catalytic converters being stolen from the exhaust systems beneath vehicles parked on campus. These catalytic converters are made of precious metals such as platinum that can be scrapped for profit. Once the converters are stripped from the ve...