The State Hornet

Students more focused with exams after spring break

Rich Merrill

March 26, 2016

Spring break, for students all over the country it's an excuse to have an entire week off of school mid semester. As students, we are lucky to have this too. It is uncertain how many students are aware of how lucky we are to just be able to chill for a whole week. How many people outside of ...

Books before break trump week of studying

Jonathan Ayestas

March 21, 2016

Imagine yourself running through the gamut of late-night study sessions, practice exams, study guides and a student loan's worth of coffee to finish the last leg of this painful journey with enough midterms to make you feel like you relate to a Journey song if you were in a relationship and had ...

Scholarship deadlines are over and students begin preparing for the next round of applications

State Hornet Staff

April 1, 2014

Multiple opportunities throughout the semester lend students to gain some extra money to put towards education; over the spring break was one such opportunity students took.March 1-28 is the time for posting scholarships, but also the deadline for students to turn in their paperwork. This can add stress...

Spring Break should be a memorable experience

Shanel Royal

March 26, 2013

Participating in wild behaviors makes for great conversations, but can wind up as mishaps. A week off from studies is the time to create memories. Spring Break should be a memorable experience instead of a crazy one. Technology makes it easy for people to seize the moments of life, but sometimes that...

Professors should give students a break

Chris Barbosa

March 31, 2012

Now that spring break has ended, students should feel rejuvenated and ready to knock out the other half of the semester. But for most of us, that didn’t happen.  Professors have overloaded us with work. A break is a time where we can go out with friends and have a drink or two. We owe it to ourselv...