Students more focused with exams after spring break

Rich Merrill

Spring break, for students all over the country it’s an excuse to have an entire week off of school mid semester. As students, we are lucky to have this too.

It is uncertain how many students are aware of how lucky we are to just be able to chill for a whole week.

How many people outside of school get to take an entire week off without any negative consequences? Hardly anyone.

I will say this. As a student, I get pretty worn down mid way through the semester. Having this week off allows me to get my mind right and focus my intentions.

Because of the general fatigue of the semester, I believe in taking midterms after spring break.

The week leading up to spring break, the effects of a mental check out begin to set in. It’s not just a general assumption, but more of a recurring trend in students.

We get tired and fatigued and spring break allows students everywhere to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Maybe to people who aren’t students, they see spring break as an opportunity to go out, and party. Maybe this is right, maybe it’s not. It doesn’t really matter all that much.

The real truth is that having this break allows millions of us to disengage in order for us to re engage after a week of doing what we choose to do.

When I come back from break, my mind is fresh and I am ready to take any test that I may have done poorly on before. I have a fresh perspective and a renewed approach towards the whole school system.

Humans are not machines. Sometimes we need a little bit of a break in order to reassess the situation so that we can make a more informed decision or operate at an even higher level of mental clarity and coherence.

Some like to take all their tests before spring break to have it out of the way. Getting it done after break allows the mind to be fresh and not burnt out from eight weeks of busy study and work.

Everyone has their own approach. To each their own.

If you get a chance to do all your big exams after spring break, then you get that fresh mind to move forward.