Spring Break should be a memorable experience

Shanel Royal

Participating in wild behaviors makes for great conversations, but can wind up as mishaps. A week off from studies is the time to create memories. Spring Break should be a memorable experience instead of a crazy one.

Technology makes it easy for people to seize the moments of life, but sometimes that backfires. Sure, water skiing naked in Cancun was fun however, now the pictures are on Facebook and a video on YouTube. Professors, bosses and even parents can see what really went down in Mexico.

Although some people may not care who sees the evidence of a wild Spring Break, it can come back to haunt them. If someones profile is full of him or her partying or intoxicated, a potential employer won’t take him or her seriously.

Road trips, pictures of landmarks with pretty sunsets are the type of images that spice up a profile. People will enjoy looking at your timeline if the images tell a story of how you spend break.

Doing illegal activities on Spring Break creates cool stories, but it can also lead to getting arrested. Yes, leading the cops on a high speed chase on the freeway got you on the evening news, but spending the rest of the week in jail is not worth it.

Now you have to come up with bail money. Being broke and locked up are not exactly the definition of fun. It may have been a crazy night, but now your vacation time is cut short and all you got out of it was a mug shot.

Alcohol and Spring Break go hand in hand for some people. Students brag they were so drunk that they don’t recall what happened, but they know it was awesome. Intoxication added with free time can result in bad decisions such as a large tattoo that says “Hey, I’m drunk.”

Sorry guys, if you don’t remember an event then you shouldn’t know it was fun. Use the week to celebrate, but do not go overboard. The best stories are ones that leave people with happy memories and no regrets.

Spending the whole time of vacation partying and staying up late will tire a person quickly. The point of Spring Break is to take a breather from education. School won’t be any easier if you come back worn out.

Overloading on class assignments and homework can cause a burnout mid semester. An escape from the academic world is the perfect time to recuperate. People should take this time to visit friends, sleep in everyday or relax on the beach.

Spring Break is the only week in March where students get time off from school. This should be used to make non-embarrassing memories to tell with friends.