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Criminal Justice Convocation provides opportunities for students

Katherine Irwin, keynote speaker and professor of sociology at the University of Hawaii, speaks about her father's time in the prison system.
Daisy Aguilar October 17, 2013

Sacramento State hosted the second annual Criminal Justice Convocation in the University Union ballroom, Tuesday afternoon.More than 200 hundred criminal justice students attended, ready to hear about...

Classes with a significant other sound fun, but may not be the best idea

Shanel Royal April 4, 2013

Taking a class with a boyfriend or girlfriend is a great way to add fun to a relationship. Cooking, dancing and drawing are just some examples of activities couples can do together. Although classes can...

Financial aid is not just for books and supplies anymore

Anthony Nathan April 2, 2013

Every semester students make major purchases assisting them with their education tuition: laptops, living expenses or even car maintenance are all federally accepted. Extravagant purchases are also made...

EDITORIAL: It’s normal to rate teachers

State Hornet Staff April 2, 2013

When students register for their classes, it is important for them to know how good the professor for a certain class is, and for that, they have Rate My Professors. The website’s teacher ratings can...

EDITORIAL: Tech class should be General Education requirement

State Hornet Staff March 12, 2013

As online classes are becoming more prevalent, using a computer proficiently has become a necessary skill for college students. As such, a basic computer literacy class should be a General Education class...

EDITORIAL: Frat houses may not be a good idea

The Theta Chi frat house is one of the many fraternity houses around the UC Davis campus. 
State Hornet Staff February 27, 2013

Sacramento State has 35 active fraternities and sororities, yet none of those student organizations are allowed to build a house on campus. Due to the rampant alcohol abuse, sexual assault and dangerous...

Online classes are the future

Shanel Royal February 27, 2013

Education plays a key part to society. More and more people are going to college to learn, to get better jobs or to enhance skills for a job they already have. Online classes are a growing part of the...

Sac State teaching credential program sees large number of graduates become coaches

File photo
Joe Davis December 5, 2012

Greatness does not always have to be an innate quality. In the right environment, greatness is a trait that can be learned. Top-notch coaches and athletes can oftentimes be traced back to a particular...

EDITORIAL: Online courses have pros and cons

State Hornet Staff October 16, 2012

No one is going to argue with online education having its benefits. For one, you don’t have to pay for parking permits – and at $160 per semester, that’s a not-insignificant savings for your pocketbook....

Running back trio set the tone for Sac State offense

From left: RB No. 21, senior, A.J. Ellis; RB No. 8, junior, Ezekial Graham; and No. 24 (shown as No.16), senior, Sam McCowan.
Ryan Kuh October 9, 2012

While Sacramento State head coach Marshall Sperbeck might not be a professional poker player, he certainly is holding a set of aces in the backfield.The combination of running backs A.J. Ellis, Sam McCowan...

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