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The ignorance of social media

Daniel Magalit December 3, 2014

Recently, The Sacramento Bee posted images and a few articles on its Facebook page about protests throughout the country the night Darren Wilson was not indicted.As I read comments like, “Brown’s parents...

Ferguson is just the surface of a generational wound

Kevin Hendricks Jr. - @seekevrun December 1, 2014

Not a single emotion was spared Monday evening after the news was announced that Darren Wilson, the 28-year-old Missouri police officer, would not be indicted on any charges in the killing of 18-year-old...

Male privilege is becoming more obvious

Male privilege is becoming more obvious
State Hornet Staff May 13, 2014

People like to throw around the word “privilege” in regards to race and status, but many ignore the blatant male privilege happening every day. Privilege is when a group of people, not an individual,...

Students, faculty discuss difficult situations at annual Spring Convocation

Faculty were invited to sit in and facilitate the table discussion at the Spring Convocation on Monday in the University Union.
State Hornet Staff April 8, 2014

As a Filipino-American, Associated Students Inc. President Nielsen Gabriel said he has faced typical Asian stereotypes, including being a math whiz and science genius.But as a sophomore, Gabriel questioned...

Bridging the pay gap and ending gender inequality

State Hornet Staff March 18, 2014

During President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address earlier this year, he urged for the end to the embarrassing gender pay gap. Although women make up half of the workforce, they are only making...

Affirmative action programs reconsidered under new California amendment

Ilian Cervantes February 19, 2014

California voters will reconsider affirmative action programs in higher education on the November ballot after a proposed amendment passed the Senate last month.Approved by 54.6 percent of California voters...

affirmative action

McClatchy Tribune October 29, 2013

Size as needed, Patterson Clark scratchboard-style B&W illustration of African American climbing a ladder held by white man, woman while another white man tries to saw the ladder apart. The Miami Herald,...

Racial diversity needs more representation on network TV

Christine Ebalo October 30, 2012

In 1976, the network primetime TV lineup had five shows — including “Good Times,” “Chico and The Man” and “The Jeffersons” — revolving around minorities, making network TV more diverse...

Men’s cross country suffers its first loss of the season on Santa Clarita soil

Men's cross country suffers its first loss of the season on Santa Clarita soil
James Heck September 21, 2012

The Sacramento State men’s cross country team suffered its first loss of the 2012 season today at the Pac-12 Preview at the Robinson Ranch Golf Course in Santa Clarita. Northern Arizona won the men’s...

Women’s cross-country accomplishes first win of the season in San Francisco

Women's cross-country accomplishes first win of the season in San Francisco
James Heck September 14, 2012

The Sacramento State women’s cross-country team earned its first victory of the 2012 season Friday at the Speedway Meadow at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.   Sac State won the women’s...

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