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Sacramento music festival

Sacramento music festival

Courtesy of McClatchy Tribune

May 11, 2014

For 41 years, the streets of Old Sacramento and nearby downtown venues have played host to one of the area’s largest celebrations of music and its storied culture with a 4-day party that spans the entire Memorial Day weekend. It was originally called the Dixieland Jazz Jubilee, but changed its name to...

Cringe worthy trends – staff edition

Culture staff tells all.

Courtesy of McClatchy Tribune

May 1, 2014

Name: Alex HernandezEmbarrassing Trend: MySpaceWhy you are embarrassed: Now that I look back, it is so embarrassing to think about my “top 8” and all the drama of who your top friends are. I spent so many hours on a website I forget even exists anymore.Name: Steven SennEmbarrassing Trend: Turtle...

Hip-hop artist Mila J steps out of shadow

Hip-hop artist Mila J steps out of shadow

McClatchy Tribune

April 9, 2014

In most cases, it is the younger sibling who has to worry about breaking from their older sibling’s shadow of achievements.In Los Angeles native, singer, songwriter, rapper and dancer Jamila’s case’s, younger sister, Jhene Aiko, is the one to beat.Jhene Aiko is gaining a ton of recognition in hip...

ILLUSTRATION: Daydreaming student

State Hornet Staff

October 22, 2013

300 dpi Lee Hulteng llustration of daydreaming student. MCT 2011krtnational national; krtworld world; krt; krtcampus campus; mctillustration; 05005002; 05005003; EDU; high school; junior high school; krteducation education; krtschool school; middle school; african american african-american black; krtdiversit...