Cringe worthy trends – staff edition


Culture staff tells all.

Courtesy of McClatchy Tribune

Name: Alex Hernandez

Embarrassing Trend: MySpace

Why you are embarrassed: Now that I look back, it is so embarrassing to think about my “top 8” and all the drama of who your top friends are. I spent so many hours on a website I forget even exists anymore.

Name: Steven Senn

Embarrassing Trend: Turtlenecks

Why you are embarrassed: I remember when I was in grade 6 or 7 wearing turtleneck shirts a lot. Kids were wearing them under sweaters and the cool kids rocked them and did them justice. I was a tall, super-skinny kid and the turtleneck was not the most flattering article of clothing for my body type as it accentuates the neck and has a slimming effect. I looked like I was wearing a Steve Jobs costume, like a junior version of the Apple founder, except skinnier. Those school pictures are tough to look at without wincing.

Name: Janice Daniels

Embarrassing Trend: Emo trends

Why you are embarrassed: The most delightfully embarrassing trend ever: emo-kids. I can remember dying my natural black hair blacker and trying to make my generic black Converse look real. Let’s not forget about the neon eyeshadow and the cool lip piercings – our poor parents. And, hey, what ever happened to My Chemical Romance?

Name: Wendy Aguilar

Embarrassing Trend: Text message abbreviation

Why you are embarrassed: Who came up with ‘OMG,’ ‘LOL’ and ‘LMAO’? They started out online, but soon people began using these when speaking including myself. Text messaging has already corrupted the English language and speaking in abbreviations is just lame. My poor English professor dad who had to go through this trend is over it and so am I.

Name: Elizabeth DeCicco

Embarrassing Trend: Degrassi

Why you are embarrassed: I’m certainly ashamed to admit I followed this tv show trend in high school. My friends and I couldn’t get enough of the cheesy drama and scandalous scenarios that took place in a Canadian high school. Every episode was different but always had horrible acting and amusing Canadian accents. But now I see it as where my admiration for the rapper Drake began.

Name: Anisca Miles

Embarrassing Trend: Clunky Rainbow Jewelry

Why You are embarrassed: My freshman year in high school it was “the thing” to wear clunky jewelry that matched the colors in your outfit perfectly. I remember I had a ton of those chunky bracelets that were made out of colorful balls held together by elastic string. I had a clear one that reflected the sun so well, it burned. Ouch!