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People focus too much on money and not enough on other aspects of life

State Hornet Staff

March 11, 2014

Money doesn’t make society happy, but spending it does.From a capitalistic approach, the returns from working hard is what drives people.High-paying jobs allow people to splurge, but in order to get there, they need an education — which takes work. In the end, everything truly rests on an indivi...

Sac State Pepsi contract promotes unhealthy habits

Scott Barrett

May 1, 2013

PepsiCo Inc. pays Sac State $480,000 a year plus 18 percent of its campus sales as part of an exclusivity contract signed in 2006. The contract allows exclusive drink marketing access for the company and prevents the sale of any similar products from other providers. Sac State’s contract lasts 25 ye...

New bill, AB 540, allows undocumented students access to higher education before naturalization

Fabian Garcia

April 23, 2013

Sacramento State’s educational experience can be quite different for students who were born in this country compared to those who were not. Youths who are undocumented in California, and have been here for a majority of their lives, must essentially maintain three statuses to affordably attend an in...

Former Upper Eastside Lofts employee suspected of embezzlement after allegedly misappropriating residents’ payments

Former Upper Eastside Lofts employee suspected of embezzlement after allegedly misappropriating residents' payments

Imran Majid

April 9, 2013

Sacramento State police arrested a former Upper Eastside Lofts employee on March 25 under suspicion of embezzlement and misappropriating residents’ rent payments. Laini Harris, the former resident services manager at UEL, was responsible for all student billing and payments. An internal audit was filed ...

Financial aid is not just for books and supplies anymore

Anthony Nathan

April 3, 2013

Every semester students make major purchases assisting them with their education tuition: laptops, living expenses or even car maintenance are all federally accepted. Extravagant purchases are also made on the government’s dime that the US department of education would not approve of. Tattoos and trips out of s...

Timothy White, CSU Chancellor, visited Sac State campus

Timothy White, CSU Chancellor, visited Sac State campus

Imran Majid

March 12, 2013

When Chancellor Timothy White visited campus Monday, he said Sacramento State’s open spaces throughout campus allow students to reflect on their experiences. White said Sac State was an “unusually beautiful” campus during his visit. “You may not realize it because you’re here all the time,” ...

USPS considering whether to halt mail on Saturday

Charts show trend in the volume of first-class mail, annual revenue and number of employees for the U.S. Postal Service, 2001-2011.

Shanel Royal

March 6, 2013

The U.S. Postal Service announced the discontinuation of Saturday post in order to save money due to financial issues. Postal workers will stop delivering Saturday mail in August. The USPS has announced it will cancel letter mail services starting on August 5. Package services and the post office will rem...

Raising minimum wage can hurt local business

State Hornet Staff

March 6, 2013

Raising the federal minimum wage is always a very partisan issue whenever Congress introduces a bill to raise it. The consequences due to raising the minimum wage tend to be blown out of proportion by politicians on both sides of the debate; overall, it tends to be beneficial to those who work at that...

Two people reportedly claiming to be Sacramento State students allegedly part of scam

Natalie Gray

February 28, 2013

A man and a woman, claiming to be Sacramento State theater students, may  be going door-to-door asking for money. They are allegedly attempting to sell children’s books for the UC Davis Children’s Hospital to fund a trip. A Sac State professor reported people came to her house to ask for money....

What the Heck?

What the Heck?

James Heck

December 5, 2012

Walk into any sporting-goods store and you will see several displays of running shoes of every size, color, shape and brand. Some running shoes are designed with gel pockets in the heel to offer exceptional cushioning. Others are designed with stability and motion control in mind for runners who over-pronate – when the foot rolls inward when striking the ground, potentially damaging the feet, ankles, lower legs and lower back. The new craze on the running shoe market is minimalist shoes, and more specifically, barefoot running shoes. We have all seen that person walking around public with aquatic-looking toe-shoes. Barefoot running shoes are designed to mimic the attributes of walking or working out barefoot. Besides looking ridiculous, these shoes are supposed to encourage a mid-foot or forefoot strike with each stride. Because traditional running shoes often contain extra cushion in the heel, runners have a tendency to heel-strike with each stride. There have been many studies and research with opposing arguments against whether or not the way the foot strikes the ground with each stride can have harmful effects on the body. Even with the debate on running shoes, some runners decide to run completely natural – barefoot. I am not a historian, but I assume running barefoot has been around since the beginning of mankind. Whether or not you are a runner, you have probably at one point run barefoot before, regardless of the distance. Whether running barefoot on the sand at the beach or through the grass at a park, running barefoot gives us the sense of freedom. Wearing shoes creates a separation from our bodies and nature – we cannot feel the earth. Aside from the aesthetic feel, I have also noticed I naturally run on my forefoot when I run barefoot, and when I land on my heel, it hurts. Despite the opposing viewpoints of the effects of heel-striking, perhaps the studies are onto something. Although barefoot running is growing in popularity, it is still something the majority of the running community does not engage in. For starters, if you run barefoot, you are bound to come across different environments and terrains. Glass, sharp rocks, sticks, and thorns do not sound very inviting to the feet. Hot pavement could also cause blisters and pain and cold temperatures could make dsurfaces slippery. I have been running for more than 10 years and have only ever seen one barefoot runner. Granted, she was racing on a track, but it still amazed me. I have run very short distances barefoot, but I do not think I would try to run a marathon barefoot. Although I think the barefoot running and minimalist shoe craze is interesting, I still think it is a fad. It is something unusual in our society, so some people will think it is cool. For now, I will stick to my running shoes. I do not feel like stepping on a rusty nail any time soon. James Heck can be reached at [email protected]

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