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Proposition 8 overturned – San Fransisco

Courtesy of McClatchy Tribune

February 15, 2012

The LGBT community came out to celebrate after U.S. District Justice Vaughn Walker overturned California's same-sex marriage ban on August 4, 2010, known as Proposition 8, ruling it an unconstitutional double-standard. This landmark case will eventually go to the Supreme Court. Photo by Juan Carlos/ABACAUSA...

Norah Jones shines with a little help from her friends

Norah Jones album review 1:Norah Jones, winner for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Calif., on February 13, 2005.:McClatchy Tribune

Leia Ostermann

November 29, 2010

Norah Jones is someone my mom likes. Telling people your mom likes something instantly puts it into a category that you are unwilling to talk about, whether praising or insulting. Norah Jones' new album is more than something my mom likes. It is something that I adore. Not because my taste is partic...

Budget prior to partying

partying and ordering alcohol at bar:Students tend to spend too much money in bars and nightclubs, leading to financial troubles.:McClatchy Tribune


November 10, 2010

Talecia Bell Once again, after swearing myself to a budget of $60, I unnecessarily spent about $110 trying too hard to party over the Halloween weekend. As young adults, we have this sense of entitlement to party; many times, we mistakenly convince ourselves that spending for the purposes of having fun ...

‘Family Guy’ sucks worse than that time I . . .

Jordan Guinn

November 9, 2007

"Family Guy" is a perfect example of how shows that have three funny moments are watered down and drawn out to create a 23-minute exercise in stupidity. So Stewie finally succeeds in accomplishing his life goal of killing his mother Lois, or does he? Brian takes matters into his own hands trying to ...