‘Family Guy’ sucks worse than that time I . . .


"Family Guy" premiered its 100th episode Sunday.:Photo Courtesy: Handout/MCT

Jordan Guinn

“Family Guy” is a perfect example of how shows that have three funny moments are watered down and drawn out to create a 23-minute exercise in stupidity.

So Stewie finally succeeds in accomplishing his life goal of killing his mother Lois, or does he?

Brian takes matters into his own hands trying to prove Stewie’s guilt since everyone thinks Peter did it. Throughout the episode, obscure pop culture jokes and cutesy little one-liners pepper the stagnant storyline.

In case you have been fortunate enough to have never seen an episode, let me summarize since there is no character development and every episode is the same.

The son is an irritating blob, the dad is a bad impression of Homer Simpson, the mother is a tramp, no one likes the daughter, the dog wants to get with the mother and the baby talks, but it is not clear if anyone but the dog can interpret him.

How did this show make 100 episodes? “Family Guy” will just waste your time and laugh in your face about it. Over the course of the series, the formula of the show has proven itself to be blatantly pedestrian.

When backed into a creative corner, the writers fall back on their old reliable: jokes that contain sexual innuendo about incest, fetishes and/or controversial issues. It has gotten to the point with this show that the barbs are no longer shocking, but rather expected.

“Family Guy” is a one trick pony that broke all four of its legs while performing tired several years ago.

Rating: One audible laugh and a handful of smirks. Have it on in the background during house cleaning.

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