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Sac State squirrels generating tweets

Vu Chau

April 22, 2016

A Sacramento State freshman is giving a voice to all squirrels on campus through a Twitter account. @CSUS_Squirrel’s creator, who asked to keep his true identity anonymous to maintain the squirrels' appearance, started the profile in December 2015. “I created the account mainly for the silly...

The butt that took over the Internet, and why it’s ok

Kellie McCown

November 12, 2014

The Internet went on a trending overload this morning when Paper, a pop culture magazine, posted a picture showing Kim Kardashian’s most famous asset in all its glory: her butt with the disclaimer "Kim Kardashian- Break the Internet".The Internet is working fine, but the hate toward Kardashian and her ...

Big companies need to take their hands off the Internet

State Hornet

October 6, 2014

With the current attempt to destroy net neutrality through paid prioritization, multi-million dollar corporations are once again trying to find another way to grip onto some more power.Net neutrality needs to be protected not only to prevent corporations from stepping up even higher on the ladder while push...

Sacramento State has zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism

Kathleen Pizzo

February 19, 2014

With rigorous writing assignments designed to prepare them for the real world, Sacramento State students often sense the overwhelming pressure of needing both creative and supported thought.Whether by misunderstanding or last resort, many students, all aware of the basic concept of plagiarism, have committed the ...

EDITORIAL: Hey, stop trying to censor the Internet

State Hornet Staff

May 8, 2013

Software piracy and copyright infringement is a huge problem for the entertainment industry. Since April 2011, three bills and one international trade agreement have been introduced as attempts to curb digital copyright infringement. None of the four attempts have been passed by Congress, because all four wo...

Online classes are the future

Shanel Royal

February 27, 2013

Education plays a key part to society. More and more people are going to college to learn, to get better jobs or to enhance skills for a job they already have. Online classes are a growing part of the education system and are showing no signs of slowing down. Recently, Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a $3...

SafeConnect may be well worth the hassle

Nick Scheuer

January 30, 2013

When students log onto the Sacramento State Wi-Fi network for the first time, they are forced to install a program implemented by the Information Resources and Technology department called SafeConnect, developed by Impulse Point. From the get-go, SafeConnect has had a rocky start mostly involving the...

Sac State to upgrade phone, internet service

Matt Harrington

May 11, 2011

Sacramento State will be receiving a $1.4 million upgrade to its phone and Internet connections beginning early this summer. This project is funded by the California State University Chancellor's Office. Starting with Sac State, each CSU campus will receive infrastructure upgrades to its phone systems, cam...