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Hornet Racing gives students experience in mechanics

The 2014 car that came in 19 place out of 80 schools that participated in the competition.
Milagros Gomez March 7, 2016

The Sacramento State Hornet Racing team gives students hands-on experience to work together as they build cars that are later placed in competitions. Kevin Carter, senior mechanical engineering...

Sac State goes to Irvine for Solar Decathalon

Christine Kittle October 9, 2015

[View the story "Sac State wraps up the weekend in Irvine" on Storify] [View the story "Sac State wraps up the weekend in Irvine" on Storify] Updated at 7:48pm to reflect the current standings...

New program allows students to learn sustainability, environmental issues

A multi-tropic Farming system within STORC uses less than 10 percent of water compared to other farming systems.
Craig Sanders March 5, 2014

Innovative concepts can form in strange ways.Mike Christensen’s ground-breaking program began with four female engineer students and ended with a trip to Mars.In early fall 2011, Mechanical Engineer...

Associated Students Inc. elects new engineering director

Jonathan Ayestas February 14, 2014

Associated Students welcomed senior mechanical engineering major Logan Rivera as he was approved of his appointment as Director of Engineering and Computer Science Wednesday. The position requires...

Sacramento State must clear the air to students about decorated engineering dean Macari’s leave of absence

State Hornet Staff February 11, 2014

After Emir Macari earned the Junipero Serra Award from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers in 2011, Sacramento State Public Affairs profiled the high-achieving leader of the College of Engineering...

Engineering whistleblower lawsuit set to begin trial

State Hornet Staff January 7, 2014

The trial for a federal retaliation lawsuit filed by Cici Mattiuzzi, director of engineering career services, against Sacramento State and Engineering and Computer Sciences Dean Emir Macari is set to begin...

Engineering dean on leave of absence

State Hornet Staff December 11, 2013

Emir Macari, the dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, is currently on a leave of absence for unknown reasons.According to an official memo, sent Dec. 3 from Interim Provost Charles...

Students develop games for 30 hours at hackathon event

Daisy Aguilar November 13, 2013

The Sacramento State Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers hosted a hackathon event Nov. 9 and 10 that allowed students to build games and programs for 30 straight hours.Havok, a provider of interactive...

Engineering professor earns prestigious annual award

Kaitlin Bane October 30, 2013

“Do you want to be an engineer?”Sue Holl asks this question to mechanical engineering student Jonathan Felton during a mandatory freshman advising meeting.As Felton shakes his head yes, Holl types...

EDITORIAL: STEM degrees are beneficial for the nation

EDITORIAL: STEM degrees are beneficial for the nation
State Hornet Staff May 15, 2013

Without scientific research, we would still believe the Earth is flat, the center of the universe and only 6,000 years old. Doctors would not sterilize their hands between handling corpses and performing...

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