Associated Students Inc. elects new engineering director

Jonathan Ayestas

Associated Students welcomed senior mechanical engineering major Logan Rivera as he was approved of his appointment as Director of Engineering and Computer Science Wednesday.

The position requires collaborating with the joint Council of Engineering and attending meetings that could potentially affect engineering students. As director, Rivera represents engineering students and speaks on their behalf.

Vacancy for the spot opened up a month ago, giving Rivera the chance to run for election.

The issue at hand with the other members was Rivera’s ability to juggle duties as director and his responsibilities with his schoolwork, fraternity and employment at Costco.

“Being able to manage the multiple demands can sometimes be problematic and create vacancies in the midterm,” ASI Executive Director Pat Worley said.

Aside from his part-time employment, Rivera’s academics have earned him a spot on the Dean’s List and he is currently treasurer of Delta Chi.

ASI President Nielsen Gabriel said after reviewing Rivera’s resume he is convinced he will manage responsibilities very effectively.

“I did admire his resolution and the academic excellence,”Gabriel said. “I think he can make time for the position.”

Vice President of Academic Affairs Chantel Banus added other directors would be able to assist Rivera with any issues that arise with inexperience.

“The other directors can all help to make sure that he’s able to do the best that he can and share your experience from last semester and help make sure he’s doing what you all expect out of your fellow director,” Banus said.

Rivera admitted to once being just a commuter student with little campus involvement until recently.

“I recently joined Delta Chi which gave me insight on leadership and the potential I had to be a leader,” Rivera said.” When I heard the position was open, I thought it would be good that I would try to apply myself.”

Following Rivera’s appointment, Banus requested debate for special majors be withdrawn because the grade point average requirement was already agreed upon last week to stay at 2.5 instead of 3.0

Instead, they moved on to discuss a newly worded version of a previous bill to increase funding for Cal Grant B, which Banus feels is insufficient for student aid.

The resolution would increase funding for Cal Grant B from $3,000 to $5,000 in a two year bill that has to pass through all of the ASI committees.

“It won’t cover all the financial costs for education especially with increased tuition,” Banus said.”They can’t plan effectively with $3,000.”

Cal Grant B is received with Cal Grant A upon completing registration for FAFSA and both grants do not have to be paid back.

Rivera plans to rerun for election once the remaining director term expires in April.

“The fact that I’m now ASI Director, I’ll be getting more involved with mechanical and civil organizations,” Rivera said.