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Communications student dies from epileptic seizure

State Hornet Staff

May 16, 2014

Sacramento State communication studies student died following an epileptic seizure on May 6.Russell Nowotenski, 24, worked as a lab assistant for Communication Studies Chair Steven Buss and was enrolled in his advanced lighting class while working in Sutter Memorial’s emergency room. Friends and facu...

Buzz of the Crowd: Football feels presence of Bloomfield’s spirit

After entering Hornet Field, the players paused for a moment of silence for the loss of their late teammate No. 43 John Bloomfield. Bloomfield passed away Sunday, Oct. 21.

State Hornet Staff

October 31, 2012

Some believe that when a person dies it is not necessarily the end.John Bloomfield has not been on the football field with his teammates since week one of the season, but his presence was felt when the Hornets knocked off No. 11 Cal Poly.The death of their teammate has been extremely emotional to Sacramen...

Sac State and teammates mourn the loss of John Bloomfield

Sac State and teammates mourn the loss of John Bloomfield

Ryan Kuhn and Joe Davis

October 21, 2012

Sacramento State senior defensive end John Bloomfield died this morning at Mercy General Hospital after being in a coma for a number of weeks, according to hospital officials.Bloomfield was re-admitted on Sept. 19 to treat a deteriorating lung, but after multiple surgeries complications such as inter...

New cigarette labels won’t deter smokers

State Hornet Staff

September 7, 2011

The government really wants you to know that smoking cigarettes will harm you and give you lung cancer. Because of course, smokers do not know that and think cigarettes are filled with vitamins and minerals. This time next year, the Food and Drug Administration will require tobacco companies to put n...