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Campus to unite for first Cultural Clubs Fair

John Cao, senior communication studies major, break dances during the Asian Pacific Islander Fest Day on Wednesday, April 27 in the Library Quad.
Sharlene Phou October 6, 2016

Student Organizations and Leadership will host its first Cultural Clubs Fair in the Library Quad on Oct. 11 to showcase over 20 campus clubs and organizations and to introduce students to different cultures...

Students weigh in on their favorite place to catch a caffeine buzz

Sacramento State students stop in at the River Front Starbucks on Feb. 10
Maria Lesso February 18, 2016

If you were to direct a new student to the best coffee joint on campus for the morning rush or afternoon pick-me-up, would it be Starbucks or Java City? Starbucks’ website claims the Seattle-based...

Think before you pick your costume

Halloween is big business and few companies are more prepared for it than Spirit Halloween. The company has over 1,100 locations, including this one in Pasadena, Calif. (Michael Robinson Chavez/Los Angeles Times/TNS)
Nancy Rebolledo October 27, 2015

Halloween, although it is the perfect excuse to dress up as one's favorite superhero or TV character, can get out of hand if not handled and thought about carefully. It has become more apparent...

Slut-shaming becoming less and less accepted

Graphic by Rachel Rosenbaum and Pierce Grohosky
Daniel Magalit September 2, 2015

In a culture in which society blames victims for their circumstances and tells women to wear clothing that will not provoke men to lust after them, "slut-shaming" has become a common practice.The term...

Should we accept sex, violence, and crude language as normal?

Brandie Maguire July 10, 2015

Sex and violence are becoming more acceptable in our media-intensive culture.Most nightly news stations report on at least one murder or death every program. On Facebook, there is an abundance of celebrity...

Dialogue will be hosted to prepare students for multicultural dating

State Hornet Staff February 17, 2014

With a diverse student population at Sacramento State, students have an opportunity to learn about dating others with different cultural, religious and racial backgrounds.Sac State’s Multi-Cultural and...

Local restaurant serves delectable Korean food

Kimchee grid rice comes topped with a sunny-side up fried egg, allowing the runny yolk and the perfectly cooked egg white to act as a sauce and enhance the flavors of the rice. We all grunt our approval.
Steven Senn February 5, 2014

Inconspicuously located in the middle of a Rosemont strip mall just a few miles away from the Sacramento State campus, it is easy to miss the Korean restaurant, Sa Ra Bang, if you didn’t already know...

Body art no longer reserved for bikers as students get inked

Mike Coats, junior marketing major, shows of some of many tattoos, each of which has it's own significance and is inspired by an event in his life.
Sean Keister February 6, 2013

Walk across the campus at Sacramento State on any given day and you are nearly as likely to see someone sporting a tattoo as you are a backpack.Thomas Eidam, a junior criminal justice major, got a Celtic...

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