Students weigh in on their favorite place to catch a caffeine buzz


Sacramento State students stop in at the River Front Starbucks on Feb. 10

Maria Lesso

If you were to direct a new student to the best coffee joint on campus for the morning rush or afternoon pick-me-up, would it be Starbucks or Java City?

Starbucks’ website claims the Seattle-based coffeehouse chain has the “best coffee makers and cold brew coffee,” while the Sacramento-based Java City takes pride in the “smoothness” and the handcrafted nature of their drink.

Sac State junior Prescott Edmonds likes Java City for a few reasons: the main one being the “scenery.” According to Edmonds, a lot of cute girls work at Java City.

“Java City; all day. Starbucks; so expensive, huge lines. Tastes a little burnt,” Edmonds said. A Java City Mayan Mocha, on the other hand, “gets [him] through [his] entire day.”

As for the Starbucks team, Edmonds says they seem stressed out and spell his name wrong. “Prescuit” has been written on his cup before, Edmonds said. Fortunately, he is not alone. Starbucks is known for writing names wrong on drinks.

Stephanie Chinn, senior, prefers Starbucks for the rewards and the iced white mocha.

I think it tastes better, and I have Starbucks Rewards card and I’m a gold member,” Chinn said. My Starbucks Rewards grants guests free drinks and early access to new products, the website reads.

Chinn said she will go to Java City if it is closer to her and when funds are low.

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Brenda Ortiz, junior, identifies herself as a “loyal” customer at Java City. She prefers them for their lower prices and stamp card; one purchase gets you one stamp. After ten stamps a drink of any size is free.

“Java City has good customer service,” Ortiz said. As for Starbucks, Ortiz says they offer a friendly environment.

She says her favorite drinks are the hot chocolate and the Javalanche, which is comparable to a frappuccino at Starbucks.

Java City was co-founded by the late Sac State graduate Tom Weborg, class of 1964. According to the Hornet Alumni website, Starbucks was the reason Java City is on campus and changed its business model from retailer to licensed wholesaler.

Starbucks’ frappuccinos range from $3.75 to $4.95, while the competition, the Java City Javalanche, is priced between $3.75 and $4.65.

Marlene Del Rio,administrative support assistant at the Services to Students with Disabilities center, prefers Java City as well. Del Rio says she likes that they remember regular customers and take the time to ask about their day.

“Starbucks has messed up my drinks and given me the wrong orders,” Del Rio said, also adding that she dislikes the large crowd at Starbucks. Del Rio prefers Java City’s Mayan Mocha to start her day, which is a mixture of Mexican hot chocolate and coffee.

Melissa Boutsy, a Sac State senior, doesn’t care where she gets her refreshments.

“To me, it’s by location. I’ll go to Java City if it’s closer,” Boutsy said. “Both are super nice.”