The State Hornet

CFA pickets for a higher raise

Zack Jordan

August 31, 2015

The members of the California Faculty Association picketed in front of Sacramento State to bring attention to their lack of pay. Those who were hired during the recession in 2008 are suffering the inflation in the economy and are getting salary inversion. According to the newsletter from C...

Student government leaders lobby at state capitol on Advocacy Day

California State University Chancellor Timothy White walks down the halls of the state capitol on Advocacy Day March 2, 2015. Student representatives from all 23 CSU campuses had designated times to meet with different senators to lobby for additional CSU funding and issues pertaining to their campus.

Jonathan Ayestas

March 2, 2015

Representatives from the 23 California State University campuses went to the capitol to lobby and advocate for an increased $97 million for the CSU budget and for campus-specific issues on the third day of the California Higher Education Student Summit. Mike Sharif, office of governmental aff...

Phishing tricks Sac State with fishy emails

Jacob Abbott

October 29, 2014

Recent phishing attempts to steal personal information via email have become more sophisticated than ever before, targeting Sacramento State students by appearing to seem like harmless email. Phishing is a technique in which attackers attempt to fraudulently acquire protected information, such as pass...

Incoming CSU chancellor requests for 10 percent pay cut in support for public education

Camille Anglo

November 14, 2012

To establish the importance of higher public education in California, incoming California State University chancellor Timothy White has requested a 10 percent cut to his salary. White, 63, the former head of University of California, Riverside for four years, was originally going to earn $421,500 along...