Incoming CSU chancellor requests for 10 percent pay cut in support for public education

Camille Anglo

To establish the importance of higher public education in California, incoming California State University chancellor Timothy White has requested a 10 percent cut to his salary.

White, 63, the former head of University of California, Riverside for four years, was originally going to earn $421,500 along with a $30,000 supplement, just like the outgoing CSU chancellor Charles Reed. With the cut, White will be earning $380,000 plus the $30,000.

In a letter addressed to the CSU Board of Trustees, White wrote that he hopes his actions will set an example to officials in the CSU system that the cuts in the school system affects everyone.

“I also recognize that Californians expect me to properly steward these resources,” White wrote in his letter. “Consequently, as l join the faculty, staff and students who have experienced cuts, salary freezes, and increased fees, I too must do my part.”

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