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Love Your Body Week reminds Sac State everyone is different

Kayla Oliverio

March 1, 2013

To help combat poor body image among college students, Sacramento State is taking part in its seventh Love Your Body Week. The week aims to educate students and provide them with tools and resources to develop a healthy body image and bolster self-esteem. Junior psychology major Jaimee Ohlandt, believ...

Body image can affect your sex life

Ashley Jung

February 26, 2013

In 2011, Glamour magazine challenged women to count how many times they had a negative thought about their bodies during a day; 97 percent said they had at least one “I hate my body” every day. We live in a time when society tells us what is attractive, but people need to realize what society sees a...

Males struggle to maintain body image

Elizabeth Ramirez

December 5, 2012

When you type the word “women” in the Bing images search engine, photos of women in bikinis showing their flat stomachs and overly made faces appear. When you type in the word “men” in Bing images, photos of shirtless men showing their abs and model-perfect faces appear. Society has placed a b...

Now is the time to love your body

Now is the time to love your body

Beth Jones

September 25, 2012

The stories about to be divulged are both about the average and not-so-average college student on campus, how they feel about their body today and the journeys they have taken to come to terms with, or even embrace, who they are. As a child, junior math major Broghan Hunt was described as average, athlet...