STINGER SOUND SESSIONS: The Bad Barnacles splash into The State Hornet

Sacramento psych-surf rock band crashes the newsroom with unreleased music

Cristian Gonzalez

Cristian Gonzalez

Local Sacramento psych-surf rock band The Bad Barnacles join us in the newsroom for the second episode of the revived Stinger Sound Sessions.

Mateo L. Wappo (vocals/guitar), Adam Martinek (drums), Steven Morkert (guitar) and John Bisbee (bass) bring us Tarantino-inspired and psychedelic effect-driven tunes. 

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The Bad Barnacles grace us with a number of never-before-heard songs including “Golden Gala” and “Fallout,” which feature fresh takes on a classic genre. Fans can often find the band at local venues like the Torch Club, Harlow’s, The Russ Room and The Starlet Room.  

The band is working on a new album, but listeners can find their catalog on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music. Be sure to follow them on Instagram at @thebadbarnacles and Facebook or at their website to stay updated on show dates.  

Video recorded by Cristian Gonzalez, Kris Hall, James Fife and Ruth Finch.