STINGER SOUND SESSIONS: Former Animals take over the newsroom

Cristian Gonzalez

Cristian Gonzalez

Former Animals joined us in The State Hornet newsroom for the return of Stinger Sound Sessions. 

The instrumental math rock group is made up of Rudy Lopez banging away on the drums, Cameron Millard slapping the bass and the duo Ryan Richardson and Kevin Droese tapping on guitar. They deliver entrancing soundscapes, “beat claps” and a whole lot of tappy riffs. 


Math rock is a rock sub-genre with origins dating back to the late 70s/early 80s that features unconventional rhythmic patterns and experimental instrumentation. Former Animals said they draw influence from bands like Toe, Tera Melos and Minus the Bear for their own brand of complex, yet groove-filled compositions. 

Whether it’s the clickety-clacks of “Mocha! Mocha! Mocha!” or the lush guitars of “you go that way, i’ll go home,” listeners will have something to latch on to. 

Their newest album “DUCKBEAROTTER” can be found on all major streaming platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify. To stay updated on upcoming shows and music, follow them on Instagram at @formeranimals.

Video recorded by Cristian Gonzalez, Kris Hall, James Fife and Johnathan Rutz.