Diary of a Bookworm: ‘And they lived happily ever after, the end!’

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Dear diary,

As the current chapter of my story ends, so does my time at The State Hornet.

Unfortunately, that means my time writing Diary of a Bookworm has come to an end… for now.

So, let’s end it on a “happily ever after."

-Julie Blunt

The First Chapter

Originally, “Diary of a Bookworm” started as an idea to bring awareness to the negative stigma behind romance books.

I was able to share with readers why it’s important to embrace romance books and not categorize them as “just sex” or “cringy.”

Romance books are a healthy way for people to learn about and express sexuality. The more you read, the more you learn.

Once I got the hang of writing my diary entries, I focused a lot on exploring recommendations of my favorite things to do while reading.

I included detailed books that represent underrepresented communities.

But, most of all I wrote about what I love: books.

So I wrote my first book review, which is where my passion lies now.

Months later I finally graduated, which means it's time to say goodbye.

Turning the page

I keep wondering where “Diary of a Bookworm” will go now. I thought maybe I might continue it on my own time, but I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to keep writing.

Maybe I'll write reviews on my own. Maybe I’ll move to New York and work for a publishing company. Maybe I'll write my own book one day.

No matter where I go, I know that I was able to help readers learn to love books as much as I do.

All I ask is that you read a book I reviewed, listen to my reading playlist, take my advice about annotating books or find a diary entry that you love and learn to love the little things that come from it.

While I'm still in the unknown, this is goodbye for now. And like almost every good novel, there's a possibility of a sequel in the future.

Sincerely, a bookworm.


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