The State Hornet Spring Picks: 10 movies and TV shows to vibe with

‘Dope’, ‘Amphibia’ and ‘Community’ in springtime, oh my


Ryan Ascalon

Screencaps from the various works featured in The State Hornet Spring Picks. (Images courtesy of Universal Pictures, Studio Ghibli, Disney+, Fuji TV, NBC, Paramount Pictures, Open Road Films, Fox Searchlight Pictures and Netflix. Graphic made in Canva by Ryan Ascalon)

Ryan Ascalon

As the weather warms up and the flowers bloom, many people feel more optimistic and energized. 

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and it’s a season that inspires creativity and joy. If you’re looking for movies and shows capturing the essence of spring, here are 10 great options to consider.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This classic 80s movie is about seizing the day and making the most of every moment. Ferris Bueller is a high school student who skips school and goes on an adventure with his friends. 

He spends the day exploring the city, visiting museums and having fun. If you haven’t seen this classic example of film, spring is the season to try something new and find your inner teen again. 

 ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel

This Wes Anderson movie is a visual feast in a stunning European hotel. The film’s pastel color palette and whimsical details are reminiscent of springtime, and the story’s themes of friendship and loyalty are perfect for this season of renewal. 

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a film that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.


“Dope” is a coming-of-age movie in Los Angeles written and directed by Rick Fumuyiwa. The story follows a group of teenagers who are passionate about music and want to make it big. The film’s soundtrack is filled with upbeat songs perfect for spring and the story’s themes of self-discovery and perseverance are very much in line with nature’s renewal and enduring life in the spring.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

This Coen Brothers movie is a quirky comedy taking place in the American South during the Great Depression. The story follows three escaped convicts as they try to make their way home, and the film’s sense of adventure and camaraderie make it an excellent choice for spring viewing. 

The film’s bluegrass soundtrack and rural landscapes are a perfect match for the rustic beauty of springtime.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

This classic Studio Ghibli movie follows a young witch named Kiki as she sets out to make a new life in a new town. The town of Kiriko, where the story takes place, is a port city with classic European architecture making each scene vibrant and homely. Kiki’s journey of self-discovery is an excellent fit for the theme of a new beginning.

The Dragon Prince

This animated series, made by the co-creator of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Aaron Ehasz, follows a group of young heroes as they try to save their kingdom from an evil sorcerer. The show’s vibrant colors and fantastical landscapes are perfect for spring, along with the story’s themes of friendship and teamwork. 

But above all else, the feelings of adventure connect to the optimistic springtime. Get out in the sunshine and explore! 


This animated series follows a girl named Anne who is transported to a magical world filled with talking animals and mythical creatures. The show’s bright colors and quirky characters are perfect for spring, and the story’s themes of adventure and discovery match the renewal season.

Ranking of Kings

This anime series follows a young prince born deaf and must overcome many obstacles to become a great king. The show’s themes of perseverance and self-discovery are perfect for spring, and the story’s vibrant colors and imaginative world-building are an excellent fit for spring. 

The Mandalorian

What better way to kick off spring than with the new season of Disney’s hit show? This Star Wars spinoff series follows a bounty hunter tasked with protecting a young child from danger. 

The show’s epic landscapes and thrilling action sequences are perfect for spring energy, and the story’s themes of loyalty and family, no matter where in the galaxy you find it is excellent for the season of new beginnings.


This beloved sitcom follows a group of misfits navigating life at a community college. The show’s quirky characters and witty humor are a great fit for spring, and the story’s themes of friendship help make the characters endearing. 

Indeed a must-have for any springtime binge with your college communities.