BREAKING: Reported rapes at American River Courtyard, Klamath Hall

Sac State police received reports of two alleged rapes from February, March


Aile Flores

Sacramento State police department crime logs show two reports of rape at Sacramento State.

One rape is reported to have occurred March 27 at Klamath Hall and another at American River Courtyard on Feb. 6. 

The alleged assault at Klamath Hall is listed as “rape by force/fear, sexual penetration by force/fear/etc” and the alleged assault at American River Courtyard is reported as “rape: victim unconscious of the nature of the act,” according to campus police’s Daily Crime bulletin. 

The incident at Klamath Hall was reported to police March 28 and the one at American River Courtyard was reported on April 2, said Brian Blomster, director of news and communications

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A screenshot of the Sacramento State Police Department’s crime log listing the reported rape that is said to have occurred Monday, March 27, 2023. The incident was logged March 28, 2023 as rape by force. (Emma Hall)
A screenshot by the Sacramento State Police Department’s crime log that shows a report of rape by “unconscious of the nature of the act.” This assault was reported at American River Courtyard. (Emma Hall)

Nearly a month from the last reported sexual assault, these two assaults are now among many on or nearby campus this academic year. This will be the second reported sexual assault at Klamath Hall this semester. 

The investigation of both assaults is still ongoing.  

Resources for students impacted by sexual assault can be found through WEAVE, who can be contacted at (916) 278-5850 or by email [email protected]. To speak with a confidential advocate one-on-one, WEAVE offers a 24 hotline at (916) 920-2952.