BREAKING: Anti-LGBTQ+ graffiti found in Mendocino Hall men’s bathroom

Homophobic slur on FLOW product dispenser


Emma Hall

Anti-LGBTQ+ graffiti written on a FLOW menstrual product dispenser in the men’s bathroom in Mendocino Hall Monday, March 13, 2023. A statement was sent to The State Hornet from Sacramento State denouncing the graffiti. (Photo by Erick Salgado, Graphic in Canva by Emma Hall).

Erick Salgado

Anti-LGBTQ+ graffiti was reported to be found in the first floor men’s bathroom in Mendocino Hall Monday.

A homophobic slur was written on a FLOW menstrual product dispenser, which are located in numerous bathrooms on campus. 

Antonio Nucal, custodial manager for Facilities, said he received a call reporting graffiti in the men’s bathroom. Nucal said the graffiti was “out of the blue.” 

“As long as it’s reported, we take action,” Nucal said. “If we see it, we will remove it right away.” 

Nucal said custodians follow a schedule of cleaning in the morning and at the end of the day. If any type of vandalism were to occur between these scheduled times, it would be unknown unless reported, Nucal said. 

According to Nucal, Custodian Maria Navarro was radioed to remove the graffiti from the bathroom. Navarro said she believed the graffiti had been there for a while because the ink appeared to be “fading.”

President Robert Nelsen denounced the anti-LGBTQ+ graffiti in a statement to The State Hornet Tuesday morning, writing that the vandalism is “incredibly disturbing and disheartening.” 

“Defacing property is a crime, but much worse, this language is the antithesis of who we are as a Hornet family,” Nelsen said. “To our LGBTQIA+ community, we stand with you, we support you and we will never relent as we fight against hate.”