BREAKING: State Hornet discovers unseen Nazi symbols found in university Arboretum


Dominique Williams

A symbol of hate speech graffitied on a tunnel ceiling near the campus Arboretum on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022. State Hornet staffers discovered the graffiti during an investigation of a separate hate speech symbol announced by President Nelsen.

Content warning: The State Hornet has decided to not censor the full phrase of the newly-discovered graffiti. 

After a swastika was found in the Arboretum on the north side of Sacramento State Thursday evening, a State Hornet investigation uncovered another hate symbol unseen by the university. 

Around 5:45 p.m., a campus-wide email sent by Sacramento State President Robert Nelsen said a university employee reported another swastika was found on a sign alongside the words “white pride nation wide” [sic].

Upon investigating the incident, State Hornet staff discovered a separate hate crime written on the tunnel ceiling near the arboretum displaying the words “Nazi shit.”

Nelsen said the sign displaying the first discovered symbol has been taken down and campus police have been asked to investigate the situation. 

He said that Sacramento State is scheduling a town hall meeting to provide an opportunity “for us to come together as a Hornet family to listen, to learn and to support one another.” 

The State Hornet recently interviewed the president of the Israeli-Jewish Association’s club who said she believes the symbols are connected. 

The first symbol reported this semester at Sac State was found inside a classroom at Mendocino Hall on Thursday, Sept. 1. The second symbol was found near campus on J street on Friday, Sept. 2. 

Today’s findings mark the third and fourth antisemitic hate symbols on the Sac State’s campus this semester.