State Hornet Broadcast: Midterm Election Preview

Kris Hall, Gavin Hudson, Will Smith-Moore, Erick Salgado, Christina Mendez , and Alyssa Branum

Multimedia reporters Gavin Hudson and Will Moore present pre-election day coverage before the midterm on Friday. 

Students affiliated with Sacramento State’s Pride Center and the Sac State Democrats presented a rally in support of Proposition 1 with no opposition on campus on Oct. 28.

The ambitious Proposition 1 requests a 75% “yes” vote to change the California constitution to protect access to abortion and affiliated bodily autonomy. The Pride Center made hand crafted signs and marched on campus on Nov. 2 in support of the proposition.

Students don’t recall any voter information guides or voter registration sign ups on campus as we approach the midterms. 

The State Hornet can confirm that the Sac State Dems had at least one pop up at the Prop 1 rally on Oct. 28 where they registered students to vote.

Visuals staffer Alyssa Branum got a one-on-one interview with president Nelsen after he announced his retirement. Watch the broadcast to see what the president has to say about his departure from administration in July.

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