State Hornet Broadcast: October update

Kris Hall, Cristian Gonzalez, Bram. C Martinez, Christina Mendez, Gavin Hudson, Celene Talavera, Hailey Valdivia, Raymond Purscell, Nancy Rodriguez Bonilla, and Itzel Espinoza

After their 335 mile march to the capital in hopes to get a bill passed that would guarantee more rights to farm workers, Rage Against the Machine guitarist joins activists on the Capitol steps. 

A few days later, on Sept. 28, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill– a win for farm labor conditions in California.

Xico Gonzalez held a reception for his gallery on campus on Sept. 28 and spoke in favor of the signing of AB 2183 and the rights it will guarantee for farm workers. 

The State Hornet gives you an inside look into the immersive Van Gogh exhibit here in Sacramento. The exhibit has been so popular that organizers have extended it until 2023.

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