CRIMELESS MAP: ‘You didn’t miss anything’

No Sac State crimes reported for the week ending Oct. 3


Kelly Kiernan

Every week The State Hornet compiles crimes recorded in the campus crime log into a map detailing their location and current status.

Chris Wong, news editor

No crimes were reported in the Sacramento State Police Department’s crime log for the week ending Oct. 3. 

“You didn’t miss anything,” said Sac State Police Chief Mark Iwasa, speaking to The State Hornet on the contents of the week’s crime log.

While no crimes were reported last week, Iwasa said Sac State police caught someone who broke into the Riverview Hall bike compound and have identified suspected catalytic converter thieves.

The Sac State Police Department issues warrants for the arrests of identified suspects like the suspected catalytic converter thieves, Iwasa said. He said the Clery Act requires police update the crime logs if suspects are arrested but does not require police to update the logs if no arrests have been made.

“In their case, we know who they are,” Iwasa said. “We just don’t know where they are.”

The last time no crimes were reported in a week at Sac State was from Aug. 9-15.

During the fifth week of school in fall 2019, six crimes were reported, according to the Sacramento State Police Department crime logs. Technically, that means this week had a 100% drop in crimes from the fifth week of school last semester. Hooray.

“If you got the crime beat, that’s a pretty slow beat right now,” Iwasa said, speaking to The State Hornet earlier in the semester.

See where no crimes occurred on the map below. You can click on the pins as usual, but might I suggest reading about stolen WAPs instead?