REVIEW: Netflix struck gold with ‘Outer Banks’

One of the best Netflix originals of 2020


Graphic By Jordan Parker

Jordan Parker

 I’m not going to lie, I started watching “Outer Banks” two weeks ago and I just wasn’t interested in the first episode.

But after giving it another chance, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Set on the Outer Bank islands in North Carolina, this Netflix series is one of treasure hunting and rich kids thinking they’re better than everyone else. 

What’s new?

The show focuses on the Pogues, the working class and the Kooks, the upper class.

Leader of the Pogues, John B (Chase Stokes) is the rebellious teen that everyone looks down on. He’s also always on the run from child protective services.

Supporting him are his lifelong friends—Kiara (Madison Bailey), daughter of a Kook and everybody’s crush, JJ (Rudy Pankow) who’s a troubled boy and son of a drunk and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) who’s the smartest in the group but always makes dumb mistakes.

The Kooks are led by their queen Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) who’s father, Ward (Charles Esten) is the richest man on the island.

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John B, whose father disappeared, finds a compass that leads him on a search for $400 million in British gold left from a shipwreck. As the search goes on, he realizes there’s a much deeper story.

I’ll let you find out what happens but this show is action packed and has a flair for the dramatic.

First you think you’re on a gold hunt but as the show goes on you find out that Ward isn’t who people think he is and the disappearance of John B’s dad wasn’t a mystery after all. 

It just gives you the feeling of a modern day “Goonies” meets “Stranger Things” with a little bit of cheesy teenage romance to top it off.

I think creators Shannon Burke and Josh and Jonas Pate deserve a lot of credit because for a show to have the resemblance of “Stranger Things” is a huge compliment because we all know how successful it has been for Netflix.

The cinematography wasn’t the best and at parts the picture quality was choppy but it’s the action that attracted me to this show. The quality of the action, such as when John B confronts Ward at the airfield, kept me binging.

The plot development was amazing, the acting was overall solid and the length of the show was perfect. 

As a viewer, I felt like the show having a cliffhanger after every episode motivated me to binge it because it kept me on edge and guessing as to what was going to happen as the show progressed.

Netflix struck gold with this one (literally) and it was a nice change of pace from the usual cheesy romances that come out every month. If you want some adventure while stuck at home, check out “Outer Banks.” I promise you won’t be disappointed.