SPORTS PODCAST: Top 10 sports stories of the semester


Photo Illustration by Shaun Holkko

Senior center Joshua Patton, junior quarterback Kevin Thomson, senior goalkeeper Kaylyn Evans and softball head coach Lori Perez. Top left photo by Kelly Kiernan and remaining three by Eucario Calderon.

Shaun Holkko and Will Coburn

From Sac State football’s first year in the playoffs to the careers of former Sac State students Deuce and Mo, the sports section here at The State Hornet has had a lot to cover this semester. Here’s sports Editor Shaun Holkko’s top 10 sports stories of the semester on this week’s episode the State Hornet Sports Podcast.

Shaun’s Top 10:

  1. Volleyball coaches’ careers come full circle at Sac State
  2. Sac State softball head coach builds players into winners
  3. Former Hornets Deuce and Mo make their mark in Sacramento broadcasting
  4. Sac State’s high-flying center stays grounded with long walks
  5. With MLS team potentially incoming, Sac State’s soccer athletes have pro-level dreams
  6. Senior goalkeeper focused on career after season-ending ACL tear
  7. Sac State alumnus drafted in first round of G League draft to Stockton Kings
  8. Heart over height: Two 5’4 receivers make their mark at Sac State
  9. Kevin Thomson’s elbow cost him 2 seasons. Now, he’s getting them back
  10. Dominant defense leads way for Sac State football team

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