Greek life at Sac State: its purpose and its problems


Emily Rabasto - The State Hornet

The State Hornet Staff

Sparked by an anonymous email and others that followed, Sacramento State’s Greek life has faced investigation, scrutiny and even international attention since late January.

After receiving these emails, The State Hornet set out to document the experiences of Greek life at Sac State. What is Greek life at Sac State, and why is it important? What do non-Greek students think about these allegations?

2019 Sac State Greek troubles continue

A timeline of anonymous allegations and ongoing investigations.

Anonymous – The State Hornet
Sacramento State is investigating a potential hazing incident after an anonymous person emailed The State Hornet and President Nelsen’s interim chief of staff Cely Smart. The sender described the photo as depicting an imitation of ‘the elephant walk,’ a hazing practice where members stand in a line or circle and walk while holding the genitals of the person behind them.

Sac State students weigh in on Greek life’s purpose

For some Sac State students, Greek life is part of what makes a caring campus. For others, paying to go to events with friends seems “pointless.”

#SacStateSays: ‘What do you think about the investigations into Sac State fraternities?’

After anonymous emails led to investigations of Greek life at Sac State, students shared their thoughts on the allegations.

EDITORIAL: To improve, Greeks must be held accountable

If Sac State’s Greek life is expected to improve after instances of misconduct the university needs to hold fraternities and sororities accountable in public light.

Emily Rabasto – The State Hornet