Sac State students enjoy favorite apps, hobbies during holiday breaks


Shiavon Chatman - The State Hornet

Sac State student and communications sciences and disorders major, Alejandra Machuca scrolls through Twitter on her way to the parking garage.

Shiavon Chatman

With classes canceled a few weeks ago, Sacramento State students had a few extra days of Thanksgiving break. Some using social media, while others shied away from their phones to spend time with family.

As more holidays approach, some students can expect a million questions from family members on what they are doing or where they are going with their lives.

With no place to run, some turn to the thing that can put their mind at ease – their phone.

Sac State junior Alison Garcia uses her Twitter feed as a complete escape from the outside world.

“Twitter is for funny weirdos,” Garcia said. “It’s just a big family, but there aren’t any complications like your actual family. It’s where I go when I want a good laugh.”

Twitter seems to be a popular social media for students to go on at times to escape from the seriousness of life.

Sade Butler, Sac State transfer student, has been playing “BitLife,” a life simulator game and also using Twitter for the “evenly balanced nature, cool pictures and memes.”

“‘BitLife’ is a mini distraction from your regular life,” Butler said. “Facebook seems to be so saturated in fake news and Twitter has posts that sometimes get political, but it’s much easier to deal with when it’s not family.”

For others, Twitter is a way of life and is used as a way to express themselves.

“I’d die without Twitter,” said Sac State senior Samantha Redmond. “Most of the people I talk to daily have Twitter. There’s just a different kind of humor on there compared to other apps and even in real life. You can’t say the things out loud that you’d tweet.”

Shiavon Chatman – The State Hornet
Students explain what apps they’re using during the holidays breaks. Social media contributes to students’ distraction from schoolwork.

Some students are shying away from social media and putting their efforts into arts and crafts and family time.

“With my newfound free time, I was able to open a fresh canvas and start a new project,” said Sac State student Chasity Colquitt. “I was also able to spend extra time with mom and my [sorority] sisters.”

School at times limits students’ free time from hobbies, but the breaks allowed some students to enjoy the upcoming holidays and the extra time.

“I was able to go home for a few days and enjoy some self-care with my family and pets,” said Sac State senior Maria Martinez. “I also worked on decorating my room and started a DIY project.”

Self-care, social media and art projects all contributed to students’ distractions from schoolwork. With more upcoming holidays and the winter break, students plan to continue their projects and escape reality with their favorite apps.