Sexual assault and Sac State: a special package


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What was once rarely talked about and rarely prosecuted is now inescapable; issues of sexual harassment and assault have been at the root of all the country’s biggest news stories. Statistics on college sexual assault are staggering; one in three women are estimated to be assaulted during their years on campus. After a rape was alleged to have occurred in a residence hall three weeks ago, The State Hornet set out to document the experiences of sexual assault victims and survivors. What does a victimized student do, and how does the university respond? And what lessons are all parties learning — and reinforcing — that will stay with us forever?

Reader warning: the following stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual assault.


How Sac State helps survivors

Sexual assault victims who do not want to report can talk to campus victim advocate. Read about their options here.

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Surviving sexual assault

Students describe their experiences — and living with the aftermath. Click on names to read or watch their individual stories.

Emily Phipps, Alanna Price, Ruby PinedaKeyko Torres and Shelby Vice

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Sac State Says: How familiar are you with resources available to you on campus if you have been sexually assaulted?

“I know that there’s offices that you go to, the names of them I have no idea.” See responses from five students here.

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Power behind #MeToo changes legislation in California

This month, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a few #MeToo inspired bills to protect people from sexual harassment, assault and discrimination. Read about them here. 

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Sac State Says: Do you think the sexual assault refresher videos were effective?

When new students enroll at Sacramento State, they are required to watch a refresher video about sexual assault and drinking that may take place at parties. Here’s what students said about how they feel about the videos.

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Student athletes can receive special help with a sports psychologist

Petruzzelli provides mental health support for student athletes. Read about it here.

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Self harm, depression: one former gymnast’s struggle

Megan Kyle’s experiences with sexual assault and abuse started at six years old. Read her story here.

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Student dancer uses her craft as a healing mechanism

Sac Modern dancer expresses herself through choreography following sexual assault. Read her story here.

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Staff testimonials: #UsToo

Several State Hornet staff members share their experiences with varying degrees of sexual assault. Click on names to read their individual stories.

Shiavon Chatman, Claire Morgan, Ashton Byers, Carly Van Den Broeke

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EDITORIAL: Don’t settle for a culture of sexual harassment

Those of us who have been college students throughout these movements have a moral obligation to pay attention, absorb these days, months and years, and move forward with a goal of ending sexual assault. Read the editorial here.

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